My application for a Hive Engine Witness

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Good news people!

Some days ago @aggroed represented Hive Engine launching the witness system, which is an awesome news and a huge step for the Hive - Engine project

Original post

Today I also started my witness node as being a dedicated user and Hive Engine's customer.

Our Hive-Engine dedicated projects:

  1. @cryptobrewmaster - we were there from the beginning, launched on Steem-Engine and migrated to Hive-Engine.
  2. In terms of game \ Hive promotion we are the first company in the Ukraine who selling real beer for Hive - Engine token. image.png
  3. We are heading to collaborate with @jongolson's Hive Pay to integrate the ASH token to the local internet store.
  4. I'm writing this post via - tribe created on top of the Hive-Engine to support the Aeneas\ASH token and community. This tribe, we believe, in future will be a niche social media web3.0 blogging platform for thinking people.
  5. We run @cryptex24 the only exchange where you can trade Hive Engine tokens to USDT
  6. Listed all the tokens available on @cryptex24 on Coinpaprika aggregator ->

To support what we doing -> vote my witness on the Tribaldex

Viva la Decentralization!

Cryptobrewmaster Welcome Link 🎯Cryptobrewmaster Game Discord 🖥International TG chat 📲
Join the partyJoin the communityJoin Telegram
Cryptobrewmaster Twitter 🦅CBM Reddit 🤖 : Exchange Hive \ HBD \ ASH \ CBM \ LEO \ BEER \ DEC 💱
followstalk usat a better price

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will have a look and leave you a !BEER

Was that on purpose that I was marked here?
I have no idea what this is about

It’s my applications for a Hive Engine witness, which you could support with a vote if you don’t mind

Thanks, i will surely support the efforts. Good job keeping the node up.

Thanks 🤩

Will look into it. Good wishes from my side.

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Респект. Редко встретиш статьи, где нет преукрашения, а только факты! Поддержал голосом.

Я же правильно понимаю, чем больше у меня застейкаоно WORKERBEE тем мое голосование за тебя как Witness круче?


Voted :)

I hope your node will catch up quickly and be back online.

yo! thanks! taking some time as my snapshot was old) so 10+ hours at least)
gonna vote you as well when done!

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For the next time, if needed :)

didnt worked to me(

I recall meeting you at SF4 and it's great to see your projects coming along. I think it's important for dApp owners to be hive-engine witnesses. Although I have my current permanent witnesses set, once we go to a 10+1 then you'll have my vote.

cheers, as now we are at the 10+1 mode, can you give your vote for this crypto-beer lover?))

Sure. I remember your from SF4 and your project is doing very well. But, I may have to reconsider if you climb much higher because my current policy is to vote for no more than 9 of the top ten witnesses. I guess I could unvote myself ;) Anyway, best of luck with your cryptobrewmaster.

Thanks 🙏 I guess it’s a bit hard getting on top 10 lol 😂
Maybe just to buy all the WorkerBee haha) if I needed in some case just ping me anytime;)

Yo! SF4 was epic! So many things happened there in my personal mindset! Looking fwd for a real HF6 this year after the pandemic will stop. Thanks for your future votes! Much appreciated!


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