New to CryptoBrewMaster, experience so far

in Team Ukraine5 days ago

Hi guys,

Today I am writing about my recent experience with trying out cryptobrewmaster. While I am not new to the Hive ecosystem or crypto games on the Hive blockchain, I did just recently start me experience with this game.

I am an avid player of splinterlands and recently saw a tourney that gave out a few free tokens to those looking to try CBM, so I figured I would give it a whorl.


To begin with, I was pretty confused with the interface and how recipes for brewing really worked, but eventually I started to figure it out. I must say, it would definitely be helpful to add some sort of manual or wiki to the game!

Overall the interface is pretty intuitive and the UI is easy to operate, but it does take some time to get a hang of managing your CBM and resources to maintain profitability. SPecifically, you have to rent certain facilities using the CBM that you earn from selling your beer in order to aquire more resources, but I made the mistake of renting too many facilities at once in the beginning and not having enough CBM tokens left over for some other things I needed to accomplish, lesson learned.

You also have a resource called energy, which can be used to operate the rented facilities or do daily quests, which you have to be smart about managing as well as there isn't much you can do without it. The only way to obtain energy is, you guessed it, by drinking beer lol, which does cost more tokens.

At the end of the day, I have been having quite a bit of fun and would recommend the game to anyone who likes both beer and blockchain! I will maybe provide an update as I continue to play in the future :)

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