33 Reasons Why You Should Be Using HIVE Blockchain

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Today was the day that boi decided to give up on sleep so that he could write a nice long list of reasons why you should use the HIVE blockchain. Hopefully, some of these things will make you think and maybe even join this place yourself. If you are already a HIVE user, go through the list and tell me what I forgot. Enjoy!


1 - Earning Crypto

Even though many don't want to admit it - getting paid for being active is the number one reason why we're here. It is actually as simple as it sounds! Your interaction with others will be rewarded with cryptocurrencies which you can later sell or use for other things. Seven days after you created your article or comment, you will be paid, and what you do with your rewards afterward is entirely up to you.

2 - Gaining Knowledge

You can find a vast amount of information here on the blockchain. There are many wise people here who are sharing their knowledge with others. Most of the content is a much better read than some random news outlet that we often find ourselves in. Read, learn, practice, and grow!

3 - Speaking Freely

You can't be censored here. You can talk about anything you want without worrying about being banned. Even if everyone dislikes and blacklists you, your posts will still be on the blockchain. If Trump was on HIVE, he wouldn't be banned and could write as much as he wanted.

4 - Making History

Even when we're gone, the HIVE blockchain will remain. If you decide to give it a go, you'll make digital history books for our grandchildren to read. I doubt that you will still be able to see your Twitter or Facebook posts after 50 years. For HIVE, I'm sure that things will thrive!

5 - Meeting New People

Some say you can't find friends on the internet but many have proven otherwise. On HIVE, you talk to people and they talk to you back. With time, you will have some interesting relationships formed that you didn't know where possible.

6 - Freeing Yourself From Facebook Addiction

Once you've started using HIVE, you won't go back to the mindless Facebook scrolling. You'll soon realize how valuable your time really is. Instead of going around with no aim, you'll actually read and learn something new every single day. It will become addicting, believe me!

7 - Growing as a Person

Once you've started your journey of content creation, you'll start improving yourself. If you're consistent and move forward every day, soon you'll look back and see how the quality of your content (and upvotes) have increased over time. It's beautiful once you get it going!

8 - Finding Your Favorite Community

There are more communities on HIVE than I can even list. Starting from crypto, gaming, science fiction, education, and sports to politics, conspiracies, learning, lifestyle, and many others. A lot of them have their own second-layer tokens that are given to active community members.

9 - Staking and Powering Up

When you've earned your first tokens, you can power them up to make your vote bigger. It's like investing in yourself to get bigger returns in the future. A part of your upvote comes back to you in the form of HIVE tokens. And you'll be able to put a smile on someone's face by giving out a big vote once in a while.

10 - Experiencing Drama

Even though I hate drama, it's sometimes necessary for us to go through it in order to come out stronger. After the hostile take-over of Steem, the HIVE team made a promise to not give up everything they've worked for and started a war against Justin Sun.

12 - Finding Solutions

The war ended with the creation of a new blockchain called HIVE. It was the answer from the community that decentralization is real and no crypto millionaire can take our life's work. Each Steem user was airdropped the exact amount of HIVE on the new chain! Most of us switched and now Steem is only a Korean ghost town. The community will always find a way to deal with the problems along the way.

13 - Looking At the Future

HIVE is growing at a rapid pace and more people are joining up to give this place a shot. More projects and movements are appearing and it makes me think we're only at the beginning of this journey. This place is going to bring real changes to the lives of some people and it will be glorious to see (and hopefully, experience on my own skin).

14 - Discovering the Second Layer

There is more to HIVE than you can see at the beginning. In addition to the HIVE token and HBD, there are lots of second-layer tokens that you can earn. Either it's from using certain hive front-ends or playing games, these tokens can be traded just like every other cryptocurrency.

15 - Playing Games

There are games built on this blockchain. Not only can you rest your mind to play a game, but you will also earn some tokens along the way. You can check out this article for some of the games that are here. Imagine getting a unique blockchain item that you could later sell for a big chunk of crypto!

16 - Using Decentralized Apps

Not only does HIVE has games, but it also has multiple other decentralized apps built upon it. Check out this page to see for yourself. Oh, and if you're a coder or developer, you can easily build your own app on the HIVE blockchain.

17 - Being Free From CEO's

Hive has no CEO! This is a fact proving that right now Hive is as close to decentralization as you can get. Just like Bitcoin, HIVE has no CEO. It's an open-source protocol that anyone can use to build their own apps on it. At the same time, witnesses are interested in this chain to succeed and that's why they are improving it constantly.

18 - Having No Fees

There are no fees on the HIVE blockchain! Really! For Ethereum maximalists it could be hard to comprehend. Especially after they've paid millions in fees. Having no fees makes things easier, especially for crypto beginners and people who don't have additional funds to pay hundreds of dollars on Uniswap.

19 - Three Second Transaction Speed

Yep, all your HIVE transactions are completed within 3 seconds! If you've ever used Ethereum or Bitcoin, you know that it takes a lot more than 3 seconds to complete the transaction. HIVE transactions, on the other hand, are super fast!

20 - Being Transparent

Everything that happens on the chain, remains on the chain. You can see every user's wallet and what he's doing with his funds on HIVE. It's beautiful! Imagine if your government workers had this?! They couldn't take bribes so easily anymore.

21 - Governing In Real-Time

On HIVE, there are witnesses. They're the ones running HIVE nodes. And they are getting paid for it. All HIVE users can vote for their favorite witnesses and track the data in real-time. Just look here.

22 - Becoming a Whale

Anyone here has an opportunity, a chance to become a whale. A whale is someone with lots of Hive Power meaning their upvote is worth much more than the average user. If you invest your earnings, your account will grow, and soon you'll look back with a smile on your face.

23 - Inviting Others

There are HIVE applications that allow you to create your own HIVE invitation link and invite friends to join up this platform. For example, hiveonboard. If someone uses your invitation, for a certain time, you'll earn a small part of their earnings.

24 - Investing In New Projects

As new projects are announced, we often have the chance to invest and get our hands on these tokens. More often than not, those who are courageous enough to do that, get the best rewards. Imagine buying LEO token when it was only $0.05! Now it's more than $0.50!

25 - Blogging About Money On LeoFinance

LeoFinance is a magical place when it comes to blogging about crypto-economics, and other money related topics. It's also the best paying HIVE front-end out there with lots of new additions coming in 2021. If you're into crypto and not on Leo, you're missing out big time!

26 - Getting In The Geyser

There's a wrapped Leo version on the Ethereum chain where Leo owners can provide liquidity in Uniswap pools to receive rewards in LEO tokens. It's a great way to help the Leo ecosystem and get rewarded for doing it. It's called Geyser distribution of rewards and you can find a post about it here.

27 - Embracing 3speak Video Tube

If you're a video creator, 3speak is an excellent place where to put out your content. Firstly, you won't have to worry about being censored or banned, secondly, it's time you stopped feeding Youtube and Google and took power back into your own hands! Using decentralized platforms like 3speak is a perfect way to do that!

28 - Seeing Your Hivestats

On Hivestats, you can see exactly how much you've earned and how fast is your account growing. A nice tool that can give you a little motivation boost along the way.

29 - Selling and Buying NFT's In The Showroom

NFT's are gaining a lot of traction lately. But if anyone wants to put their artwork on the Ethereum chain, for example, on Rarible, they'll pay tens of dollars in fees. HIVE blockchain has its own NFT Showroom where you can add your artwork completely for free.

30 - Getting Airdrops

LeoFinance recently announced an airdrop that all LEO holders will receive once the new microblogging platform is released. It's a great opportunity to get yourself some free coins, especially if you're already a LEO holder.

31 - Quantiplied Earnings!

The article that you are reading right now has earned tokens in more than three different HIVE front-ends. Thanks to @achim03 who spotted that I haven't added reason number 31, I had the chance to edit this article adding screenshots of my earnings only 2 hours after I posted this article. The first one is the default hive.blog, the second is LeoFinance and the third is CTPtalk. Beautiful, right? All I have to do is use the right hashtag at the end of my posts, and I'll receive more tokens than I can count.

33 dollars.PNG

32 - Making a Difference

Everyone wants to be successful but not everyone wants to put in the effort to achieve success. Those of us who are working their asses off now will reap the benefits later. Those who are lazy, won't experience the same. HIVE is a great place where you can start making a difference.

33 - Reading Boi's Blogs

There's no other place than LeoFinance where you could read @bagofincome and his articles. Yes, I am in many places but the biggest part of the content gets released on Leo first and then re-published on some other platforms with a link back to Leo.


Thank you for coming here and hopefully, you enjoyed this list!

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Thank you!!! All these reasons in one post I can read and reread. Thank you! !BEER

Thank you!

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Can I ask; why 33?

33 is a well-known number typically used by freemasons.

Are you suggesting the author is a Freemason? Or that they are emulating them?

I have read about freemasons and level 33. And about Jesus dying at 33. Personally, I think it's a cool number.

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Thanks for answering. I have been stalked by the number 22 to a degree that is mathematically impossible for a long time and still do not know why. I thought perhaps you were experiencing the same thing with 33, and could provide insight. But I guess this is a mystery I must solve on my own.

I guess it's a personal journey!

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wow, this was extensive! But I can agree with all points in it ;)

Nice! Thank you for reading!

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Really interesting and informative post, and nicely structured as well.
I'm really looking for a brighter future now that I found HIVE, and couldn't be more grateful for having this amazing opportunity. Finally found a platform that supports freedom of speech and on top of has very interesting stuff in it, (unlike my facebook feed).
As you said in one of the points I really started to value my time and I don't use the old social platforms anymore, because I don't get any value out of that and most of the stuff there is just for wasting time.

Thank you, man! It's great to receive such nice feedback! And I'm glad to hear you've switched to crypto platforms!

Have a nice journey!

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1 Reason i Comment your Post Becuse your content is amazing

Thank you for your reason! Have a great day!

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Question: is it possible to refer people to Ecency using HiveOnBoard and how do I do that?

Hey! Anyone who uses HiveOnBoard gets a new account and then after that, they can log in to Ecency if they choose.

Thanks bruh. I was hoping I could introduce them to Ecency first because it's easier for them to understand what Ecency is.. lol

I am targeting complete newbies to blockchain and crypto.

I think if you just add ?ref=@crebspark to the end of any hive link, then I the DApp (ecency in this case) is part of the referral system, the you will get referral commission for first year if they subsequently join

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really? omg thanks bruh! ill update my links then :) cheers

Fantastic post!

Well done, @bagofincome.

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Thank you, wise man!

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great list!

Thank you! Took some time!

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Wow @bagofincome
Really nice promotion post for Hive
I also like the choice of gifs
thanks for sharing!

Thank you for reading! And for the beer!

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More info why you see this.

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Much appreciated!

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Great post man. Loved your post. I was just wondering where reason 31 was? ;-)

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Thanks! You have an eagle eye! I will add it in a second.

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I love Reason 31 a lot. It's such a great thing to earn several tokens with the same article!

Hehe, yeah! It rocks! Thanks for being very observant!

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A day ago I thought, what makes #Hive and its Dapps different from the other blockchain projects that exist on the network?

In this sense, your post is commendable to invite many to participate here. There are plenty of reasons, as you put it very well: 33 and others that escape us. However, the path to be paved will not be easy to attract those who interest us, those who will add value and promote this new way of seeing the world.

I see communities like #leofinance, #3Speak, and their developers; examples of how to do things right in a world full of alternative projects to #Bitcoin.

I wonder, what area do we still have to address for the final takeoff? I know that behind the scenes the developers have joined forces to optimize the internal logic of the #Hive primary layer. This is evidenced in part by the periodic reports such as those issued by @blocktrades just to name one. So I share your optimism in the future that we are building together, each one doing the best in their area of ​​influence.

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Hopefully, there will be people who join us after reading this post. And yeah, developers are working to make everything better and I believe that by working together, we can achieve unseen heights!

Thank you for your thoughtful comment and have an abundant crypto journey!

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Funny thing is that I was thinking of some of these this morning ;)
Birds of a flock...
Also, your post appeared in the trending - I just saw it on the hot section of https://hive.ausbit.dev/


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Wow! That's impressive! Thanks for sharing and reading, of course!

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Lovely. It's worth reading and missing your night sleep.

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Thank you! I really appreciate it!

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EXCEPTIONAL. Any other comment from my side regarding this post is pointless.

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Much appreciated, man!

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Great article! I learned some new reasons in addition to the ones that brought me to Hive in the first place!

I especially relate to the one regarding Facebook. After I got into Hive, whenever I'm on other social networks I can't stop thinking I'm wasting valuable time "working" for free to a giant company while I could be helping develop the Hive community instead.

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Thank you! I think all HIVE users can relate to that! We value our time more than others. We are always thinking about what content are we producing next. It's a mindset that will help us achieve new heights!

Thank you for sharing your story!

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Really awesome post!

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Thank you!

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Good post. I won't lie. I joined up to earn some more crypto, however, the more I learn about Hive the more I am beginning to believe in the project.

That's the story!

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Excellent work, I agree on almost everything said here, however the only thing that I still do not like about Hive is that my wallet is public, for me, that everyone has knowledge of your financial information (in hive) it causes me a lot of discomfort .

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I understand how for someone it may be an issue. For me, I don't care about it. Maybe because I'm not a real person but an internet persona.

Thanks for sharing your view!

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Very nice post! For me, number #32 should be enough reason to join. !HYPNO

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Oh, yes, it is!

Thank you!

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Hey @bagofincome, here is your HYPNO ;)

Thanks, just found out about you!

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You have done well on this post.weldone

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34 Being Yourself!

Awesome write up by the way!

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Thank you! Being yourself is awesome!

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This was an awesome read. You covered almost everything that one can think off about Hive. Cheers!

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Too good not to share. I'm blasting it around.

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Thank you very much!

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This is a very creative piece of work, very educative too. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you, man!

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Big post, big community. Congrats!! Good stuff

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Bravo! Excellent! This is amazing eye opener.

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Such an amazing post. 🔥🙌. Totally worth reading

Thank you!

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This post is the one that made me decide to jump over to leofinance from seeing this on publish0x. I've also signed up for a metamask after a month of being lazy

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It's nice to hear that! Now we're waiting for your introduction post! I know you can do it!

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I dont have a lot to say, more a commenter for now, but who knows? After a few months I might have something to say.

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Very Useful and informative article. I have shared it. Nice one should be kept into diary about all points. I love the second point much that is gaining knowledge. Thanks for your hard work on this article. Its very useful for all the community.

Thank you for your thoughtful comment! Have a great day!

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This stuff should be on LeoPedia.io Hope @khaleelkazi would put it there. Bookmarked the page before I even finished reading. This is the stuff we need to show when shilling Hive/LEO to friends & family. Thanks a ton for the marketing ammo :)

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Thank you! I really appreciate it! Have a nice time here!

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You too :)

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There's no other place than LeoFinance where you could read @bagofincome and his articles. Yes, I am in many places but the biggest part of the content gets released on Leo first and then re-published on some other platforms with a link back to Leo.

This got me cracking up because indeed, you are right. I can't just finish counting the crypto site I have found you in. Like noise.cash, Torum, Publish0x and I think you are also on Uptrennd. Mehn I respect you and off my hat for you. Lols...

Anyways, you are right. All the reasons you've taken your time to list about why one should be on Hive is nothing but truth.

We do not just earn but we also learn.

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Hehe, I'm doing my best to spread the word about boi. I'm everywhere where I can manage to be.

Thanks for your comment, we're learning every single day!

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Thanks for your excellent and complete article. But I think in the near future, the hive will have a real competitor with them to compete for the No. 1 position after the upcoming rival of the hive officially launched, even ETH founder Vitalik Buterin also said. the value of this foundation. That's Peepeth

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More competitors mean bigger masses of people and boi likes that! Thanks for your perspective!

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Oh yeah! These are all great reasons to be on Hive. I'll admit, I'm here for reason number one first (make money), but all those other reasons are important too. Especially getting off Facebook for a more positive alternative. Everyone here on Hive that I've interacted with so far is very nice!

That's right! We come for the money and then we stay for our own sake!

Thank you and have a great time!

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Amazing job!!!


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You lost me at number 3
I am glad Trump was banned from all SM, otherwise the USA will have gone through a civil war
Hope he's never ever allowed to manipulate ppl the way he does
And I am looking forward to seeing Trump in jail

So free speech means nothing to you?

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I do not believe you understand what free speech encompasses. I encourage you to visit a library and read about freedom of speech, it's origins, it's limits, among other things.

Now more than ever it is important people understand what can and cannot be said under the freedom of speech banner. Not all speech is protected under the First Amendment.

All I know is that the Purge will come, sooner or later but it's in the making. The gap between the rich and the poor is getting so big that it's impossible for it to grow back. Tell me, how many wars did Trump have? The mainstream media is the real virus and that's my personal opinion.

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You are entitled to your opinion, no one can take that way from you.

My only point of discussion is "free speech", and how it's meaning is being distorted/twisted to fit someone's agenda.

This is the coolest thing I've read in days.

Love it.

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Thank you a lot!

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GREAT RECAP of some of the benefits of our blockchain! There are all good "talking points" to share with others! Thanks! 😃

Thank you, kitty girl!

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Great reasons to use Hive! 😎

That's right!

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Great post with good opinions.

Thank you!

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Love the last one 💐
I dont have any LEO but i have LEOM does it work too for the airdrop ?
Amazing article , very nice to read 🙂

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