Keyword staking on Presearch would be great for Hive marketing

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I remember participating in one SEO contest hosted by @abh12345. I can't remember the details but I know it had something to do with "earn crypto" or something of that nature. The concept was to take Hive to the top of the list in Google searches for that phrase.

While it was productive, we also learnt that the algorithm actually piled all our entries into one pool and then fronted the one that is considered to be the most optimised for the search. I can't remember how high up we went in the search ranking but in that process, I learned how the phrase "earn crypto" was commonly searched.

I talked about Presearch some days ago as an alternative to using google search. The search engine pays you 0.25 PRE tokens per search and you can withdraw them after 4000 searches to 1k tokens.

Those tokens that you can also buy and sell on KuCoin, Probit and Uniswap hold relevance within the Dapp. On Presearch, there's this interesting feature that facilitates staking certain sensitive words about your project. The feature is called keyword staking and here's how it works;

In summary, keyword staking is a feature that enables users to stake their tokens against a certain word. The person with the most tokens staked against the word will have their ads popping up on users of Presearch screen, whenever they search for the said word with the Dapp.

For Hive, there's nothing stopping us from taking over different keywords. Words like "Hive" "Blogging" "Earn" "staking" "DPOS" and other aspects of the blockchain can be staked individually.

Through a strategic approach, I think we can increase the audience and even bring even more potential investors to the community. I think it is worth a shot and should be considered by any marketing scheme that will come up in the future.

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Yeah I like that, great idea. I have used Presearch for a short time period a couple of months ago, but I think I'll start using it now again. It will take some time until I can withdraw my tokens though.

Do you have any specific keywords in mind that we could use? Because for the beginning we probably should put all our tokens on the same keyword(s), so we can actually get a big enough stake.

I was looking at it yesterday for affiliate links.

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Find anything usefu?

Nothing specific. However, there are tons of keywords for products that could be set up with Amazon affiliate links at the minimum of 1000 PRE. It is still a big cost, so it would be better to focus on expensive items to get a larger return to offset the cost.

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I've been waiting on my first withdrawal of 1000 PRE since January 9th. ha.

EDIT: I canceled the withdrawal and will look into staking instead.

That's awesome man. Please can you test it out by promoting your Hive blog? Stake the word "blogging". You'll be the only one there.

I promoted Splinterlands using my referral to try that out.

What is the word you staked?

I tried "magic the gathering" because no one had anything on that. We'll see if I get any bites. ha. I think I can just cancel and change it. I haven't tried yet, though.

It worked well. So here's your staked thingy listed on Presearch because they trying to be transparent


Look at your advert at the top of the page


Imagine how we could increase our reach if we maximise the reach of Hive if we actually use this thing well.

Yeah, I think it's a cool tool, but I am no SEO wizard. I'm not sure how many people will search just for "Magic the Gathering" but I thought the odds were decent. I will adjust my strategy in the future if I have to. The tokens would've been worth like $75 and my plan was to basically withdraw them, sell them, and turn them into Hive or Leo. I think I'd rather just stake them, still have them, and maybe someday, they'll be worth a lot more than $75.

Yeah but the cool thing is that with this shit, we could employ SEO skill to increase the views and traffic here. The best part is that we could do marketing without spending anything since the tokens are staked anyways