Do You Pay Your Commentors No Matter What?

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I'm still a little Lion turd here on Leofinance but I try like crazy. I've mustered a total of 5100 combined Leo Power (thinking of combining to 1 account now that I use the Vote Weight Multiplier) just to make it a bit more simple for me.

But, I use my tiny LP to curate and one of the easiest ways to not leave daily LP on the table is to curate those who leave comments on my posts.

Let's face it, my posts are not that great, interesting I hope, but not that great. Anyone who reads them and is thoughtful enough to leave a remark gets a 100% vote from me.

I may not vote on day one but I usually get to it before Day 7 and I think the followers of my mediocrity are pleased. I'd like to think I'm worth their while but even if I'm not I pay them.

It's not lost on me that the only way to be sustainable is to take care of our Leo customers and their minimum effort getting started can get them off the ground.

If they stake, invest and/or find their voice it is all good for the community. I have posted several times about believing that ROC>ROI (Return On Community is Greater than Return on Investment) and nothing makes me happier than seeing a newbie catch on with the site. I really don't care what they write about because eventually, they will find their voice if they want to thrive here.

If the rest of us want to thrive and I mean the people with a little stake, a little investment and a little something to say, then curate, curate, curate or it will all be gone.

At the very least make sure to burn your daily voting power to 80% on your commentors. It's going to be really important as many large stakeholders power down a little leo power to provide liquidity.

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I am like you and I skip the "nice post" stuff. I don't have much to offer but a few HE tokens and maybe some ENGAGE or LUV if I remember though. I do plan on continuously growing so maybe it will be worth more in the future.

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I don't know what the deal is with my posts. I don't get many comments. Perhaps I'm great at explaining. But, when I do get comments, they get upvoted in appreciation. I think you're right. Not voting comments is leaving money on the table.

I don't get many either, this is probably the most ever. But for me its a way to find people that are alive in here.

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Right on I definitely try to upload as many comments as I can but it gets kind of hard when you make so many comments.

However I absolutely agree engagement is phenomenal!

And I have a feeling that I traded off some of the Leo that I had back in the day and I'm really regretting it because I am now playing catch up and trying to stake as much of this as possible among all the rest of them..

Keep posting it's really hard for people to spend extra time with engagement with the amount of time that people seem to think you need to take for all of your posts....

I just look at the fact that any rewards that I get are blessings and we are going to use those and leverage them towards a brighter future for me an the puppy dog!

Thank you very much and I hope you have an amazing day from both me and puppy dog.


It's all good. I'm glad that people are actually here on the platform doing things. But keeping up is hard and it drains my vp. That's why it takes me a few days to vote all my comments.

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You can always reduce the weight of your comments and still throw them some love.

One secret I was using for a long time was making sure to give every comment at least one penny.

Right now everything so wild I try to do what I can but I can't reward everything.

Do what you can and reward those people you think are worth it. Hopefully they will appreciate it.

And thank you for your posting! I may not have time to drop a comment on everybody's work but trust me I bet you it gets read more than you realize.

I'm a more prolific reader and commenter than poster... I'm trying to turn that around though. I'm not sure if you should max out your votes on EVERY comment (especially if people see this admission and leave a subsequent stream of lazy junk)... but I !LUV that you do it at all! I try to tip commenters as well, but they're generally smaller than my main content votes. Different strokes... it's all good. Thanks for being a generous and engaged #Hive creator, @cflclosers. It really does go a long way. :)

I don't mind lazy junk if someone takes the time to read. Maybe once Leofinance reaches a critical mass of people but for the foreseeable future I want to support everyone.

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Respect. You keep doing what feels right. :)

That sounds like a good strategy, gives a good incentive.

Good comments deserve to be rewarded, even more if it is my post!

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When I used to post I always paid commenters who made more of an effort than the "Great post" comment.

Now I comment on many posts every day and only the minority of authors upvote. Just an observation. It doesn't stop me commenting if I have something to add.

I'm enjoying @proofofbrain at the moment as it's easier to find new authors and more variety there.

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I'm not upvoting comments no matter what. I only upvote what I like.

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Dang, if you are a lion turd what am I? I only have like 2500 LP! Way to make a guy feel good over here :) My goal is to try and get to 5000 by the end of the year!

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I just wish I had more so I could do more. Leo is the one place I feel like I can make a difference.

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Yeah, I feel the same way a lot of the time.

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I don't vote on the few comments I get due to my low vote value. I do however typically go check out their blogs, leave a comment and few votes if they have written recently. If I get to a position of power where I could vote comments and have it feel worthy I might add that to my vote distribution.

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I understand completely. I have a enough to help others earn. You will get there over time.

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I tend to upvote most of the comments made on my posts. I skip the "nice post, thank you" stuff. But those people who take the time to leave an applicable comment will get an upvote from me.

You are right, it is another way to engage the users (readers) of one's blog.

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I generally use it as a way to find people that are alive in here. Anyone getting to my content and saying anything means they have a heartbeat and where there is life, there is hope. And I hope they invest in hive/leo/cub.

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I always do it always
no one come to my blog and do not receiving the respective pay for it.
but people are lazy this day.

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I looked at your blog and I am sorry but I just don't understand spanish for most of them. I'll see if I can leave a few every now and then you got a english one out.

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You're doing great mate! I need to start implementing the vote weight program. Running into a few issues lately.

5100 wow dude! You're killing it. I'm still trying to chase that number lol

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You're catching up fast. You have some pretty amazing vote support behind you! I need some of that!!!!

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You're doing alot better than me 🤣 I've been throwing in a lil bit of cash to grow the account.

I also been investing in CUB. I want to get it to a level where it generates a little over $1600 a week. I can do $500 Hive $500 Leo $500 CUB and $100 for fees and sit in BNB.

How you going on CUB

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That's a great plan. It doesn't seem to work for me. My hive bag is getting smaller from converting to leo for the project blank drop. I was at 5000 leo, 5000 hive and 5,000 steem.

Now I have 5,000 Leo, 2500 Hive, 250 Cub, 0 steem and .7BNB

I only Cub den because I dont really know how to farm. My only bag that is growing is Leo.

You should write about your plan and a step by step guide on how to follow it. Generating even $100 a week would be great!

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If you used the bleo and bnb farm recently you would have got a nice bleo increase due to BNBs price increases. Impermanent loss would sell some bnb and give you bleo in the pool

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Commenters are always my first priority @cflclosers. For me, engagement is the most important thing. I don't want people to just read my posts, I want to interact with them and nurture my relationship with them. If someone is taking so much time going through my posts and commenting on them, I would love to reward them as much as I can. So next time they see my post popping up in their feed, they know that it's going to be worth engaging with me.

This is the reason why I am sitting at 56% of VP 😂 I always want to give more but.... right now my upvote's tiny. Once it gets bigger, hopefully then I will be able to distribute rewards to more peeps and attract more engagement.

Btw your posts have been quite useful to me and I enjoy reading most of them.

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