I'm Becoming A Grandma Investor

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Ever since I got involved with Cubdefi and had access to things beyond hive Ive been spending a lot of my crypto.

I'm exactly losing it but I'm not gaining it either. I seem to pop in and out of things and lose a little BNB along the way. Not the best strategy but I feel like I'm learning a lot.

I was feeling that being in Hive was sitting out the bull run and defi allowed me to take some chances. But it also stresses me out. I spend way to much time looking at prices go up and down, trying to swing trade and dwindling my bags.

So, I think I'm going to become a Grandma investor. What that means is that I will hunt my investment, take a little profit and then leave a moon bag.

It's not a bad strategy for investing but it is not going to get me rich. No lambo dreams for me.

If I put $100 into a project, I'll look to get that $100 back and hope to maybe take $10-$20 extra out and then leave whatever is left over as moon bag.

I know, I know, a $100? What's the point? Well, none really and that's the problem. I'm risk averse but keep risking and risking. If I play small It won't hurt.

For example a couple of days ago I FOMO'd into https://cumrocketcrypto.com/ and decided to swing trade it after I saw it approach $.20 and dip to $.13ish range over and over and over. (I actually bought in at $.03 so I figured no prob)

I started with 966 cummies, turned it into 1069 cummies and then turned it into 400 cummies while losing BNB along the way.

But I learned more about slippage and fees and stuff like that. I suppose we are learning Defi and I don't mind learning my lessons.

And today, since cummies is basically hanging in there I decided to FOMO'd into https://www.nudescoin.net/ because it was the same concept and I could get a lot for a little.

I like the project and the admin seems cool. Pretty much sat on the telegram all day and answered questions. So I feel at ease with the team but can't say yeah or nay on the project itself.

But, I'm looking to get my investment back and let the rest ride. That means I need it to almost double so I can do my thing. Rescue my BNB, make $20 and have enough remainder for a moon bag. (I spent .5 BNB on this one)

Will it happen? Who Knows? But keep this in mind. I didn't really spend any money on the investment. How?

Hive. Remember Hive/Leo/Cub? Thats the place I've earned all my crypto (excluding .2 btc I've had forever). I make it all on Hive/Leo

Right now it's funding my FOMO. I think if Project Blank had come out before Cub I wouldn't even be wandering but it is what it is and I'll be ready wen it arrives.

Thoughts in the comments as usual.

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I'm almost to the point where my HIVE/CUB/LEO is all profit for the past couple years.. slow and steady.

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Well when the fork happened and I got free hive I pretty much got into profit. The problem was holding so much lol. But through the grind it has paid off. However, there was a time I had 5k steem, 5k hive, 5k leo and I've dwindled it to 0 steem, 3k hive, 5300 Leo. (+$1500 usd)

I have to regroup lol.

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I'm currently powering down the last of the STEEM to get my initial investment back. As long as price holds at $1.20 or better

At least your gambling with something you can afford to lose. However it will suck if you don't earn back your money.

I think if Project Blank had come out before Cub I wouldn't even be wandering but it is what it is and I'll be ready wen it arrives.

I think so as well. I don't know if I would be making so many comments on LeoFinance if we had the microblogging available.

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It will be exciting to keep seeing Grandma earning profits on her investments....winks...@cflclosers

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