Leofinance Paid Me $50 For My Indecision

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I remember a little more than a month ago I was about to cross the 6000 Leo plateau in my wallet. 5000 Leo had been a huge goal of mine when the tribe started and I started looking for my voice.

I thought I would never get there but the community was unlike anything I'd encountered on Steem/Hive in my nearly 5 years of participation.

I chugged along and made it to 5000 leo. But then I decided to power down my stake. I felt a little guilty because I spent most of my time curating and trying to help build the community but I wanted to have a 5000 Leo bag on call to in case I wanted to make some type of brilliant crypto move. (I've never done that before. Make a brilliant move before)

I felt all along that microblogging on Project Blank would be where I fit the best but I got a little tired of waiting and did weird things like turn 1000 Leo into a 200 Cub and a few other things that lowered my Leo holdings but I knew I could earn more.

Then while liquid I had managed to earn 1000 more leo through no real fault of my own and hit the 6000 Leo mark. Granted had I stayed powered up this would have happened a hell of a lot faster but I was on the sidelines waiting to pounce on something.

So I decided that 6,000 was enough. I had to make a move. How can you sit on the sidelines holding a bag and do nothing with it in a bull market? I mean at least the sane people were buying Shiba Inu. But not me, I was holding 6000 leo and earning nothing on it. (so I thought)

But in the last month of ruminating over selling my Leo for something else or powering it up I managed to make 200 Leo. That's $50 at today's prices for deciding not to decide anything.

I won't even throw in the Hive I made during this time because I'm literally too stupid to figure it out. But I don't have to. Sure I could use HiveStats and exact it up for you but my point is for you to get my point.

My point is that Leofinance is a force to be reckoned with. I tried pretty hard to cut off my nose to spite my face but the community wouldn't have it.

So don't fear the bear. Don't worry if you've plotted the right move for the bulls. Just roar like a Lion and you cannot not profit.

In 2017 I sold all my btc to invest in steem because I didn't understand trading but did understand the power of community. And to make an incredibly long story less long, I rescued all of my crypto losses blogging on Hive. Every penny I lost in 2017 was rescued, then doubled and tripled.

The steem dream is dead but Hive is alive and the future is bright. Try not to earn. I dare you!

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It's hard not to earn if you are active on the chain making content and participating in the various projects. Of course that is only if you aren't blowing everything you spend.

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Can you guide me on how to earn here? I may need to dedicate more time for content?

Easy just create content and make sure to engage. It's how you build a following and get people to look at your content. Engagement is highly undervalued but its important.

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