Let's Hear It For Leo: I Brought In An Influencer with 1.9mil Youtube Followers

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Really happy to report that my marketing efforts are paying off a bit as I brought @whiteboardcrypto onto the hive/leo blockchain. The reason I bring it up is because I think everyone should follow @whiteboardcrypto consume the content and vote.

You see, @whiteboardcrypto is an influencer but in another niche. His Practical Psychology Youtube Channel has 1.9 Million Followers and he's pivoting into the crypto space with a new channel.

Of course, @whiteboardcrypto had never heard of hive but was intrigued when I told him the possibilities. Onboarding wasn't easy and the learning curve is steep but he was hungry to do it and he will help others overcome that hurdle with his explanatory crypto videos.

This the type of influencer we need to embrace hive/leo/cub and help it grow and @whiteboardcrypto has already proven he can do the work based on growing his other channel.

So please follow, consume, vote and support his channel. I've already learned things from his videos that I hadn't considered before.

Let's give @whiteboardcrypto a shot and a welcome

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Very excited to continue learning about the Hive blockchain and the leo network. I think something I can immediately help with is creating tutorials for newbies. My first struggle was having a hard time figuring out how to even get Leo token, let alone understanding what all it encompasses. Glad I found you and you brought me on board :)

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@ryzeonline just published the most comprehensive noob tutorial I have seen to date. Doesn't cover Cub or Leo, but A to Z coverage of Hive. I'd give it a read if I were you.

Welcome to Hive! Happy to have you.

Honored bro, thank you!

And I wouldn't have even gotten started here without your delegation, encouragement, and explaining things to my noob self.

Note: The guide was made to make getting started on Hive as clear & friendly as possible.

P.S. I would've included 'Cub' and 'Leo' if I knew what they were lol. I could still edit and add a section if I haven't hit the post-size limit :D

Hey, could you drop a link to that? Would happy to share with my network

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Wow, incredible. I look forward to reading it in detail!

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Thanks! I poured a lot of love into it, and hope you enjoy it! :)

No problem man. I appreciate all the time and energy you put into making it.

P.S. I would've included 'Cub' and 'Leo' if I knew what they were lol.

And you thought Hive was complicated???? lol, I think you're good for now man. Things are changing so rapidly around here, a tutorial on anything other than Hive basics (like you did) would probably be obsolete in a matter of no time.

Hahahaha, oh man. Well thanks for not sending me down a new rabbit hole, omg. And yeah, I can tell there's a lot of growth and change happening, people are mentioning the upcoming fork to me, lol...

...glad I stuck to the (16,000 word) basics for now.

Great idea, I think you should add it (and CubDefi too)
You can check this https://leopedia.io and also https://docs.cubdefi.com for extra information and of course..
Let me know if you have questions! :)

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Thanks so much for these resources!

I'll consider adding them, but I've already edited the guide so much and it's been spamming the notifications of everyone I tagged on every single edit, lol. It's also been suggested that I release a version 2 sometime down the road after a few forks, because Hive will likely change quite a bit, so perhaps it's better to edit it then and re-post? Not to mention the guide is bordering on 'overwhelming' already, lol.

Anyway, definitely food for thought, and at the very least, I'll go educate my self about Leo, CubDefi, etc.

Thanks again! You rock! 😃 ❤️ 🙏

True, I was just getting ready to reply that :)

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Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy the community and if you have any questions just give us a shout. There are many nice people here willing to help each other.

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Welcome to LeoFinance! Tutorials would hugely help here, as I was similarly struggling when I first joined roughly a year ago.

I also checked out your Channel, and it was funny to see that your first video was about the book by Stephen Covey, which we've had on the loo for pretty much the last year (with young kids the loo becomes a library...). I will be sure to check out the videos as they sound right up my alley!

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I know the feeling, as a newbie I struggled to learn... well, almost everything. lol. I'm eagerly looking forward to any tutorials you create! Welcome to Hive! :)

(Also, I've only been here 3 weeks total, so I guess I'm still a newbie.)

Welcome to HIVE friend! There is lots of !PIZZA here. We like to spread the !LUV 1 around.

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@whiteboardcrypto! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @amphlux.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza

Turning your experiences navigating this blockchain into awesome video tutorials will be really valuable to everyone. Wait until you start getting a few whale votes for your efforts. You will enjoy getting paid here.

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Welcome to Hive and thank you for joining us!

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Hi @whiteboardcrypto, you were just shared some LUV thanks to @amphlux. Holding 10 LUV in your wallet enables you to give up to 3 LUV per day, for free. See the LUV in your wallet at https://hive-engine.com or learn about LUV at https://peakd.com/@luvshares

I'll go check him out

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Boom. ONE POINT NINE MILLION NEW HIVE USERS?! Nice work, yo! It's that kind of weight we need to keep putting on our side of the scale. Followed, and waiting to consume high-quality content! :)

This is massive @cflclosers. I am going to subscribe to him on YT and Follow on Leo Finance.

Just beyond perfect. And we need one of those whiteboards created for Cub Finance too ;)

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Cub Finance, Hive Blockchain, how to buy Leo, I'm learning so much and have so many video ideas :D

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Awesome. Finally, we have someone with crazy video creation skills. It's going to be great for sure.

I am looking forward to your videos!

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There is tons of video professionals on this chain you just don't know of them.
If you ever need help with creating videos from preproduction over shoot and postproduction hit me up :)

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Awesome @solymi. I don't need those videos for myself as of now.

But I would like to see people creating more of them on their own. Especially something related to HIVE & LEO.

Just in case I need your services, will surely hit you up. ;) Can you show me some examples of your work if you are okay with it?

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Of course you find my exam film from my film school 4th semester on 3speak https://ecency.com/hive-121744/@solymi/ylwfqlho-hive-121744
Also you find my show reel on vimeo:

(it is an old one cause nowadays I get booked without people asking for my show reel)

Wow, man. Those are some cool B-Rolls. You are definitely a professional filmmaker and I am sure you get booked. You deserve it.

Make a movie on Hive/LEO sometime in the future. It's going to be so cool.

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I am actually thinking of funding my next movie over hive :)

Excellent work. I will check him out.

It's good stuff and worth supporting someone with reach who is pivoting to crypto. I hope he'll find reason to stay active on Hive/Leo

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Nice job!

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Excellent work! Thanks for doing this, it really should help things get going around here

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Awesome job!! Getting more exposure to the non-crypto world.

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Let's gooooo. Welcome to the team @whiteboardcrypto looking forward to your stuff

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Good work. I am looking forward to the content he produces for HIVE and LEO.

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Great buddy!

You're helping to grow our community.

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So cool, I was happy reading the discord conversation yesterday :)

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That's awesome, and I'm a big fan of social & cognitive psychology, I'm sure his channel will suit me.

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These type of persons are of what we need for HIVE.

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Nice work @cflclosers, I just gave you and @whiteboardcrypto a follow. Noob tutorials are so important, I literally wrote a long comment today on @onealfa.leo's post today talking about how important it is for us to educate, help and mentor new users. Commending him on his ongoing influence and example in the community.

Those of us who have been here for a while forget the steep learning curve... we are now onto the next steep learning curve of DeFi and Tokenomics.

It is so important for us to pause and give back to the community with our advice, upvotes and encouragement. It is tough starting out on here, but once you find you niche and your rhythm it is addictively enjoyable, fun and rewarding.

Good luck @whiteboardcrypto, great to have you on board, I look forward to viewing and promoting your content.

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Nicely done and with so much interest and hope about crypto these days, it's probably the best time to do marketing outreach outside of Hive to bring some of them in for the long haul.

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That is awesome. Congrats on that! It is always great to see new people on the chain. Hopefully they stay. Getting them in is only the first hurdle. Getting them to stay is the second!

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Hi @cflclosers, you were just shared some LUV thanks to @solymi. Holding 10 LUV in your wallet enables you to give up to 3 LUV per day, for free. See the LUV in your wallet at https://hive-engine.com or learn about LUV at https://peakd.com/@luvshares

Super, all efforts to publicize the project will be very important, and an excellent way to get an influencer to give recognition to CUB / HIVE / LEO, thank you for your job and the information

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I will definitely follow him! Let's HODL our $CUB, $LEO and $HIVE for the future!

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Good to hear, will be following.

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Hey look at that! Well done and it didn't cost $100,000 like some projects around here (is there where I put the kappa emote?)

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Awesome work and well done!

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