Recedes before a massive bullrun $100,000 easy.

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Nothing new with these crashes.. or corrections, crypto is acting like a Tsunami.... water recedes before a massive 20 foot waves hit the shoreline boom $100,000 easy.

Sad Truth

Can you imagine getting your financial advice from a tweet even though you know for a fact that influencer is manipulating the market, by dumping on his viewers/followers.

Bitcoin Has died a ton of times
What I find funny is if you believe in crypto if you are an OG in crypto I would say you’re OK because you know that another day one person at the end of the day it’s not going to affect bitcoin or crypto in the long run.

Most Recent Death:

January 11,2022 - ‘Crypto Will Inevitably Crash’

Most Oldest Death:

December 15, 2010 – Why Bitcoin can’t be a currency

Even after Bitcoin has died over 450 times and the market is crashing like no tomorrow, Bitcoin and most crypto is here to stay.
Markets go up and Markets go down, this is the cycle of Crypto

It just matters when you jump in and jump out..

All I’m saying is a billionaire is having fun with a unregulated market So it’s OK now I’m not saying doing what he’s doing is cool right, because people are losing money billions of dollars are being wiped off people are taking profits people are losing money that’s the market in ultra speed.

I am super happy to pick up super cheap coins I actually want to see it go below $20,000 I know I know but…


Take profits, learn from each cycle.

Don’t be the guy where you sit I never take profits. You have to always always take profits because when things like this happens you don’t feel so bad.

Bring in more fiat

Right now is a golden time to stock up on crypto, especially on the Hive-Engine market, sure its all red and massive sell offs but remember millionaires are made in the bear market and only realize this during the bull run.

Hive hit a ATH of over 3$ about before the end of 2021,.. did you take profits and now jumping back into Hive at cheaper lows now, considering we maybe hit a nice floor and wont go below $1.1 moving forward.. Let's look at Bitcoin and Hive.

Hive Coin Price & Market Data

Hive price today is $1.18 with a 24-hour trading volume of $12,059,777. HIVE price is down -1.9% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 370 Million HIVE coins and a total supply of ∞. If you are looking to buy or sell Hive, HitBTC is currently the most active exchange.


Bitcoin Price & Market Data

Bitcoin price today is $42.199 with a 24-hour trading volume of $20,053,196 . BTC price is down -2.8% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 19 Million BTC coins and a total supply of 21 Million. If you are looking to buy or sell Bitcoin, FTX.US is currently the most active exchange.


Does this mean Hive will go back under a $1?
I have a feeling that it will go sub $1 might even might even go lower dangerous levels.

Think about a Tsunami water recedes before the big storm, crypto is doing its usual pullback but once it's ready to roll, you will be sad you didn't pick up more.

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Yeah, I should have taken some more profits when I had the chance. I would be in a totally different mindset right now. I am still not in a horrible place, but I just wish I had set myself up a little better for where we are right now.

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Depends upon your time frame. Many try to time the markets only to miss the trend change.

With Bitcoin, the HODLers show the track record: that is a way to amass huge wealth. Just hold for the inevitable upward moves. Add on the dips is usually the best approach.

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I have some sats I bought in late 2017 and haven't even touched since. I think I moved them to a cold wallet.

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Oh boss I believe it happens but as a matter of time things will change to better because this is marketing we and sell so that we can get profits and on the other hand it can comes back. But the truth is that the market is bad now

Markets are predictable.
It's when there are no liquid funs to join in the fun.

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There's bound to be lot of pullbacks due to constant fud but Bitcoin will always prove doubters wrong. For every dip, the rebound tend to be much stronger. For investors, it's just about having the long term in mind, buy the dip and take profits when necessary

Markets go up and down in the short term. However, BTC has gone up consistently over time. Looking at a Log Scale chart, it shows the nice ascent.

No reason to think it is over long term.

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Ultimately BTC can see 6 figures soon*

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Okay, I understand nobody wants to be the loser
but where does the profit come from?

Someone has to be the loser who pays the win
for others.. you know?

Not all can be winners in this system...😳

And yes, influencers or people with a certain reach
can be very powerful in many things!

Markets are not a zero sum game.

I can sell you Bitcoin at $40K and it goes to $50K. You end up making $10K does not mean I lost. I could have gained if I bought at $30K.

As for the one who buys at $50K, perhaps he or she holds to 70K. Or what if the person collateralizes the BTC for something else?

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But where does the fresh money come from?
If you don't lose...

What is the value behind the price going up?

Companies, as an example, grow in value all the time. Money or price is not value. For example you can buy a piece of land, clear it, build a house, and sell it for more than the money you put in. Does that mean someone else lost due to the value you provided.

Markets are driven by many factors, not just the inflow (or outflow) of money.

If you come in a move the price of a HIVE 1 cent, that 1 cent moves applies to every token in circulation. Hence, markets can move a great deal more than the money that is invested in them.

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Hm right, thanks!
I never thought in this direction
I just had the poker or capitalist mindset
so someone has to lose in order for someone else to win!

Winners in the upcoming bull market are made during the current bear market when everything is on sale. They buy what they want at the bargain prices today in order to be able to cash out later after prices go up a lot.

If you bought during a bull market and find yourself in a bear market, there are 2 things you can do:

  • HODL until the next bull market arrives and you regain what you lost and then some;
  • Keep buying while things are on sale.
    Either way, it's a matter of time before the bull market returns. Then you can take your profits.

Stack and buy during bear markets when everything is on sale. Sell excess from your stack or bag when the after bull market returns and prices go up. That's how profits are made. We need the bear to help us prepare for the bull.

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Hmm, I'd rather choose the easier way
and be a long term holder... 😅

That is what works for me since years..

I understand, and that's OK. What matters is that you're in a better position at the nect bull market than you were in the previous bull market. It's cyclical, like winter and summer: you know it will arrive, just be patient.


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But I think it's true what you said
with strategy you can make some money at the right times
and it's not just gambling!

Whatever you have is whatever you have. If you can HODL long enough to wait for the cryptos to moon, great. If you can add by making buys when crypto is on sale, that's great too! What matters is knowing that you have options, and you will win later either way!

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No not all can be winners, so best to try to jump out when you feel is right for you.

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Yeah I think too that this is the best way for a long term investment 👌🏻✅

Bitcoin has been "killed" more times than kenny on southpark

really good point on taking profits, i never do that cause i feel id be betting against myself, and i still always lose anyway hah

When you take profits, you are winning. Anytime you take profits though you are losing future value.

Kenny has been spared unlike Bitcoin.

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You make money when you buy, when you sell is when you get paid.

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What I find funny is if you believe in crypto if you are an OG in crypto I would say you’re OK because you know that another day one person at the end of the day it’s not going to affect bitcoin or crypto in the long run.

The aim of crypto is to invest to gain and everyone in it believes there's a positive pump in price yet to occur at anytime because the deflation and inflation of price is not knew to experience but to gain from what you invest in it with believe

Liquid assets are the real bread winner.

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Liquid assets are those with spreads which are close to zero or at least trivial, right? It's not good to buy for 20.0 only to have to sell at 0.02.

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The tsunami is an apt metaphor. !BEER

I have no idea where prices go but I believe both HIVE and BTC will go up in the long term. I don't think BTC will ever fully die but it might in the future if something that surpasses crypto is developed. However I think that is decades out.

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I still think we have several months before crypto starts running again. Maybe July/August will start the run.

I have no idea when Bitcoin will start its run higher. We do know it is manipulated as are most smaller markets. However, that does not mean your view on much higher prices is invalid. In fact, I think it is almost guaranteed as time passes.

The big fish arent even into the game yet. When they are, it will be really interesting.

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No matter how tough the market is now it will still come to normal

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