When You will Cash Out?

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Something that many of us have either wondered or asked from family and friends is when we will cash out or crypto earnings. This is a rather interesting question because there is no right or wrong answer as everything is depending on our own needs and situation.

I think most of us that we are here were patient enough for our wealth to grow either that means by waiting for the price of Hive or its tokens to increase or by writing posts, curating, and delegating.

I am one of those guys that never invested a single dollar out of his pocket to build his account and name around the Hive Ecosystem. It's not like i was active all the time, i felt frustrated, i also felt that my posts aren't rewarded as they should be especially during the era of bid-bots, so i left.

When i learned about Hive i once again came back and especially after learning about Leo i dedicated myself to write and comment more. Thus, nowadays my current Hive earnings (including leo and other tokens) are 8000$. Let's give a range of 5000$-8000$ depending on the prices though.

As i have said in other posts this amount of money isn't big enough to change my life. It's like working for a year a full-time job with a low salary or a starting salary if you wish. That means that there is no way for me to cash out now except if something bad happens in my life.

I would cash out though if i reach over 25k and in that case, i may cash out only 5000k. That's a scenario that seems pretty far from now though so there is no reason for me to even think about it.

Now i know that some of you have plans to cash out when they reach over 500k or even a million. Others are cashing out everyday a percentage of their earnings because it helps them in their everyday expenses.

For example, some people are buying their groceries, paying their bills or rent and generally cryptos is a bright light in their lives that may never expect that in the first place. I am really curious though, to see in which category you guys belong to, and to be more precise i wanna hear the reason behind your reasoning.

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I belong to people that will wait a huge amount. At least$50k.

Don't care if that never happens, I'm living bright days in Hive and even if that don't give me money I can use, it gave me and will continue tu give me something else that I love.

And If I reach those 50k for exemple, I would only cash out if I need something, not just to cash out. Like, imagine I need to buy a new phone, maybe I'll cash out to pay. Or maybe at this moment HivePay would be bigger and I would even be able to pay directly with Hive

you never know what will happen and how money will affect in general. You for example, need the money and "forced" to cash out.

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I am a realistic person, when I see benefits I will sell and when I have opportunities I will buy, but for the moment I am not in a hurry I want to keep my hive.

i like the way you see it!

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When your holdings reach 500K you don't want or need to cash out. You can live on interests and passive income.

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If i ever reach 500k :P

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