Crypto Grants 2021

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Grant in the cryptocurrency industry is an important point of growth. Both the growth of the whole crypto-space and the personal growth of individuals and new teams. For many months I explored these opportunities. I'm planning to apply to some of these grants with the newly created blockchain ventures team which I joined recently, and I'm happy to share this information with all of you, my crypto-blog readers.

So these 26 grants are more than enough to start. You might choose one or even several opportunities, apply, and have a chance to grow crypto-industry together.



Algorand Foundation 250M ALGO Grants Program




In Cardano ecosystem, there is a decentralized fund, Project Catalyst where proposals are voted by the community. Current Fund3 has a budget of $500K and the following Fund4 will have $750K budget, future fund budget is supposed to grow.

In addition to it, there is cFund, centralized VC fund that will support startups at the early stage with $250-500K investments


Cosmos (Interchain)

The Interchain Foundation provides grants, service agreements, full-time employment, investments in 3 main categories: Research, Engineering & Product, Social Good & Community.



Filecoin project has focused primarily on research, specification and implementation of a decentralized storage network protocol.



Mina Protocol



NEO has EcoBoost program with USD $100 Million of funding




Polkadot (and Kusama and Substrate)




Telos has a unique WPS (Work proposal system) where everyone is able to apply and the community, Telos token holders will vote on it.





Of course, this list is not complete. Crypto development is very dynamic so more grants are provided. Sometime in the future, I will make an updated article.

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Great listing, thank you!
For environmental project, you can also have a grant from the SEEDS community

Hello Chris,
Thanks for your comment.
Yes, I'm aware of SEEDs and had an account there and checked the app a year ago. I support it as it has Telos-based token.
Yes, they state they have millions for grants, but any usecases which you know?
As I just checked and SEEDs have $9.60 of 24 hours trading volume on Newdex
I liked the app, but it seemed nothing changed in a year so it will probably take several more years before grants become available

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Oh Yes, many changes on SEEDS. A very active community on Discord, The Seeds price increase 3.3 % every week. People buy directly from fiat to Seeds. Not much activity on DEX because people are coming from the non crypto world, but there are several new members each days ( I am a SEEDS ambassador)

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