Alienworlds FOMO craziness!

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Alien Worlds is a game where you can mine for NFT’s on different planets. The game is still in early development.
I’ve been mining for a while and collected a large amount of cards among which two rare tools.
These tools improve the mining process.
I was kind of bored with the game since it was just a matter of logging in, starting the mining and logging in a couple of hours later to collect the TLM (in-game currency) and sometimes NFT’s you mined. So I didn’t log in to the game for a while….

…. until I saw this post of @Kamhus (who is a new member of the Leofinance club by the way) .


Alienworlds is going to build a bridge to the Binance Smart Chain. There will be a teleport functionality that enables the movement of Trilium between the Ethereum, WAX and BSC chains.
This message made some people crazy and the WAX/TLM prize went up immediately.


A side effect of this was that the prizes of NFT’s were also going skyhigh!

So I decided to check on my NFT’s.
Back in January I mined a large explosive which is quite a good tool.


At the time I mined the NFT it was worth around $10, which was quite nice. But I decided to keep it for mining purposes.
But when I checked the market two days ago people were offering hundreds of dollars for it already.


I decided to try and take this profit and put it on the market for a higher price than the lowest market price. I wanted to see if someone would pay 1000 WAX for this card.
And to my astonishment it happened within a day. Someone bought the tool for 1000 WAX which represents 234 US dollar at the moment.
Not bad for an NFT I got for free.


Maybe I could have waited to see if it has gone even more up, but I decided to take my profit. I would hit myself in the head if the price plummeted.
I still have another card which goes for 90 USD on the market at the moment, but I’ll hold on to that one for now to do some more mining.
Next week the BSC connection will be established. I consider using my profits to buy some more CUB so I could generate even more :)



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Alien Worlds is probably one of the single best investments that I have made so far besides Hive and Leo. Did you see that the teleport opened for a brief time? I wrote a post about it. Some people were lucky enough to move some of their TLM over and the price jumped up to $5. There were so many people like me with their TLM stuck on the WAX side of things. I know when they open it back up the price will drop, but the hype is already there. I own some land and I am looking at selling one of those pieces because the price of land is getting close to $4000 for the cheapest pieces.

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That's really amazing!
I hope I will be able to sell my 3600 TLM for a nice price too.
I see it's around $3 on CoinGecko now 🤑

Yeah, like I said, that price will likely go down once the teleport opens and everyone looks to move their TLM. I have heard speculation that it might find some footing at around $.50 once everything evens out. Likely we will see prices similar to Alcor before it gets there though.

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I'm going through my alien worlds NFT's and I see the prices have gone up quite well even for common tools. I hesitate to sell some of them ...

Glad I did stake all of my NFT's on Rplanet.

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I did the same. I just unstaked them a week ago. I'm a bit worried Rplanet could become an exit scam...

I have a gold standard drill for which the Lowest Market Listing is 140.00 WAX($32.86) at the moment.
I have some more tools I can shine, but don't know if it's worth spending the 500 TLM for it.
Does anyone know where I can find the current USD price of TLM?

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I think it will depend what kind of TLM price we will find after the teleport thing. At the moment I would prefer to keep my TLM aside :-)

Yeah it has gone crazy, i'm playing with an NFT build, you can make some good profits mining or trading the cards in the market. Just insane the amount of players that came after the announcement.

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I haven't checked the number of players. Unfortunately there will be less chance on NFT's then.
But this was a nice one.

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50k and growing each day.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 52 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey @friendlymoose, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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Almost everyone wants to mine TLM now. I bought a couple of Exo gloves back when it was like 8 WAX, sold for 60 WAX.

I'm very excited about BSC bridge and missions.

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This is going to be huge. I am so happy to finally see more and more chain bridges bring different chains together.

We need hive to get some of these partnerships

You are everywhere friend and testing and doing so much , i am jealous, i stick to blogging and watch what you are up to , happy friday, en een fijn weekend

Haha, I leave the real blogging to people that are good at that ;)

I like experimenting indeed. And it's funny to see how some of these experiments work out :D

Prettig weekend!


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The prices are insane! Good time for wax hoarding! 😁

I am debating about unstaking those NFTs from RPlanet to sell them on the market...The small amount of aether and the large amount of abundant tools just makes sense to take profits.

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This is a kind of story i want to read more.
Minting something for free (not exactly free as you are investing your time but still) and selling it at such price. I loved it.
I am with you that i wont mind if the price will go up or down from the point you sold it because for me it's always a profile as you did not pay a penny for this tool and you am getting something back.
Even if would have bought it using some money i would have sold it at a stage where i would have recovered my initial investment and let it sit there as after that i do not have to worry about price movement.
Enjoy the profit over the weekend.

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