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I’ve been playing Cryptobrewmaster for a few months now. When I started the only two buildings were the Brew House and the Pub.
But the game has developed at such a rapid tempo. In just a few weeks new buildings and fields were released as well as new ingredients and beers.
The new developments made the game so much more interesting to play. Credits to @rollie1212 and his team for the effort they put into this game!


As you can see there are still two buildings to be released; the brewers home and the capitol place. It’s yet unclear what they will add to the game. But with the current pace of development it’s just a matter of weeks until we know.

Beginners guide

As you can see the game has a lot of buildings. And most buildings have several options. This can be quite overwhelming for new players.
By the way; if you aren’t playing Cryptobrewmaster yet, please use my referral link to sign up and you will get your first ingredients for free.


Most of the effort of the development team is put into the releases of new buildings. There is not a lot of information about the buildings and the processes in the game yet. A game Wiki is still on the road map.
This isn’t difficult for new players only; I also see a lot of questions being raised in the chat by advanced players.
That’s why I decided to create this blog which explains some of the basics of the game. This will help new players get started and will be a good reference to the more advanced players.

The goal

The goal of the game is to brew beer (duh!). For creating beer you need to have ingredients which are: Water, different hops, barley malts and yeast.
There are different types of ingredients for different styles of beer. The ingredients also come in different qualities. The more high quality ingredients you use in your recipe, the higher the chance of a higher quality beer. The higher the quality of the beer, the higher the price you will be able to sell it for.
The quality scale for ingredients and beers is as follows: Neutral, Good, Outstanding, Excellent, Magnificent.
Cards are recognized by their own color:


The game currency is the CBM token. You can earn CBM by selling the beers you’ve crafted or by selling ingredients. When you have earned at least 1000 CBM you can request a payout. At the current price 1000 CBM equals $ 7.65
It must be said that Cryptobrewmaster is a game and not an investment, but when you play it right you can actually make some money.


You can sell your beers at the pub. The cheapest beers sell for 4.65 CBM, but this can go up to 150 CBM for a magnificent beer.
Prices increase when there is scarcity.


Getting your ingredients

Before you can brew your first beer you need some ingredients. There are several ways to gather ingredients. They cost either time, money, energy or a combination of the three.
As I mentioned before you will receive your first ingredients when you sign up with the following link:
I will explain the other ways of getting ingredients below.


Let’s first explain the energy. The game has an energy indicator which you can see on the top of the screen. You start off with 24 energy, but when you perform some actions in the game the energy will decrease. The game will regenerate 1 energy every hour up to 24 energy.
There is also an option to refill your energy at the bar in the pub, but that will cost you money. Drinking beers does allow you to raise the energy level above 24 though!


The daily quests can be found on the bulletin board in the pub.
On the bulletin board you will find daily quests. There will be quests with different ingredients every day.
The neutral ones only cost you energy and time to claim. For the higher quality ingredients you also need to invest some CBM.


If you don’t have enough energy to buy ingredients, you can go to the pub to replenish your energy level.


The market

You can also buy ingredients on the market. This will ‘only’ cost you CBM. You can also sell your excess of ingredients on the market to gain some CBM.
Higher quality ingredients and beers sell at a higher price. When there is scarcity the price goes up. This can give you nice opportunities.
It’s good to check the market regularly for some cheap ingredients.

Loot boxes

On the right hand side of the games main screen you see a box. It has a christmas theme now. Here you can buy resource boxes which contain ingredients. These boxes cost you HBD and come in different sizes. You can get boxes with 4 up to 125 ingredient cards.

Renting buildings

Another way to get new ingredients is to rent buildings or fields to generate your own. You can rent buildings of fields for 1, 3 , 7 or 30 days and each choise has it's own price.
Every time you start the creation of an ingredient, it will cost you some energy.
Except for the water tower every ‘building’ need at least water to procude the desired ingredient. Some need even more ingredients.
The better ingredients you put in, the more chance on a better quality ingredient output.
The effectivity of the 'buildings' will decrease after each use, but this can be repaired.

Water Tower

Water is one of the most important ingredients.
You need water for generating Barley, Barley Malt, Yeast and Hops.
Generating water from the Brewing Tower takes 30 minutes and 1 Energy.


Grain field


At the grain field you can create 2 and 6 Row Barley.
Barley cannot be used as an ingredient for beer. It needs to be converted into Barley Malt in the Malt house.

For the generation of 2 Row Barley you need at least Neutral Water, it takes 60 minutes and costs 2 Energy.
For the generation of 6 Row Barley you need at least Neutral Water, it takes 70 minutes and costs 2 Energy.

Hops Farm

At the hops farm you can create Local Bittering Hops and Local Aroma Hops.

For the generation of Local Bittering Hops you need at least Neutral Water, it takes 110 minutes and costs 2 Energy.
For the generation of Local Aroma Hops you need at least Neutral Water, it takes 130 minutes and costs 2 Energy.


Malt House

In the Malt House you can convert 2 and 6 Row Barley into Barley Malts.

For the generation of 2 Row Barley Malt you need at least Neutral Water and Neutral 2 Row Barley, it takes 140 minutes and costs 3 Energy.
For the generation of 6 Row Barley Malt you need at least Neutral Water and Neutral 6 Row Barley, it takes 150 minutes and costs 3 Energy.



In the Academy you can create Ale and Lager Yeast.
For the generation of Ale Yeast you need at least Outstanding Water, it takes 250 minutes and costs 4 Energy.
For the generation of Lager Yeast you need at least Outstanding Water, it takes 230 minutes and costs 4 Energy.


Brew house

Probably the most important building in the game is the brew house. Here you can brew your beers. For brewing beers you need to collect ingredients. Each beer has it's own ingredients. Some beers neer better quality ingredients.
I have summed up the ingredients needed for the different beers below:

Neutral Brewing Water
Neutral 2 Row Barley Malt
Neutral Local Bittering Hops
Neutral Local Aroma Hops
Neutral Lager Yeast

Good Brewing water
Neutral 2 Row Barley Malt
Neutral Local Bittering Hops
Neutral Local Aroma Hops
Neutral Wheat malt
Neutral Ale Yeast


Good Brewing water
Neutral 6 Row Barley Malt
Good Local Bittering Hops
Neutral Local Aroma Hops
Neutral Lager Yeast

Final comments

This blog is just an introduction to this great game. There are some topics I havent described, but with this guide you should be able to get your brewery started. New features, beers and ingredients will be added.
If you still have any questions about the game, just join the Discord channel:
If you spotted any mistakes in this blog, please tell me so I can correct them.
Keep in mind that certain variables in the game like money, time and energy, have been changed and will change in the future to improve the game and prevent bots from taking over the game.

Want to play?

Did I get you interested in the game? Come and join us:


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Uh wow, Captain Obvious ?
And you can play without always putting money in ?
Better tell us how this works ?
It´s impossible at the moment to gain CBM´s by playing, is´nt it ??

Sorry, I did´nt want to sound rude in my typing, I am not.

Happy Holidays .

It´s impossible at the moment to gain CBM´s by playing, is´nt it ??

It sure isn't as easy as it was, but I honestly manage to do so.
It's a matter of tactics.
I'm not going to tell you my tactics. My tactics also change a lot.
The best tip I can give you is look for scarcity!

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Thanks so much for taking the time to write this. I got completely lost with all the changes. This will be a big help.

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Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

I'm trying to figure out how to see excess ingredients. I can see how to buy them, but not sell them. Any help would be appreciated!

You can sell your abundant ingredients on the market. Just click the ingredient in the market, go to the My Sales tab and click on Sell Cards.


Ah... thanks! Do you know is there much market for ingredients?

Signed up through your link.
Let's see if the game gets me :)

Thanks! I hope you like it too :)

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Nice summary, I was wondering what the Academy did, now i know!

You're not the only one questioning that. That's why I created this blog 🙂

There is one thing that I want to note for beginners. Some of the daily tasks (assuming your a free player) may require CBM and you can see it in the task page. Generally this only appears on some good and all outstanding ingredients or better.

hi, how can I get water? or do I have to get it initially from market or tower? is there another way?

There are a few ways to get water: Daily task(pub), renting out the water tower or buying it off the market. Considering the prices, my personal opinion is to use daily tasks to get more expensive ingredients then sell them on the market. Then with these funds, buy water (cheapest ingredient).

I was unable to find water task in pub, then had to buy CBM and then water. I will check again if there is task of water.

Everyday has specific ingredients on the list. It cycles over it every week so if you don't see one, just check throughout the week.

Thanks 😊

I was already planning to start playing it. I logged in a few times but didn't understand anything. I thought i would need to put some hive to get ingredients so i was reluctant or lazy enough to start it. Your guide seems great and i plan to start playing it soon. I hope i can have some ingredients with energy to start it.

Just started playing... brewing my first beer. Looks like a nifty game.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 36 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey @friendlymoose, here is a little bit of BEER from @udabeu for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

@friendlymoose This is great! I have been looking all over for something that explains the building rental features. Had no idea what they did.

Thanks for doing this!

@cryptobrewmaster @ocd

I'm happy to hear it's useful to you!

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