New Cryptobrewmaster updates!

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Today a new update of Cryptobrewmaster was released.
The @cryptobrewmaster team released quite a few funtions again this time.

Two new recipies

There are two new recipies added to the game which allows you to make a total of 5 different beers at the moment.
The first beer that was added is regular pilsner.
You need Water, 2 Row Barley Malt and Bittering Hops of Neutral quality and
Local Aroma Hops and Lager Yeast of at least Good quality.
The brewing time is quite long compared with the other beers; 534 minutes.
The prices you get for selling the beer at the pub are also a bit higher, but I don't know if it's worth the extra brewing time.


The second new beer is a California Common. For this beer you need Water,
Bittering Hops, Local Aroma Hops and Lager Yeast of Neutral quality and 6 Row Barley Malt of at least Good quality.
This beer takes even longer to brew with 646 Minutes!


Tier 2 and Tier 3 ingredients

There are also a lot of new ingredients in the market.
I thought these tier 2 and tier 3 ingredients are used to improve the chances on higher quality beers. You can get these ingredients from loot boxes.


There also appeared a new icon in the menu bar:


This is the influence indicator. There will be a possibility to start guilds within the games soon. And the guild that rules the town will have a the possibility to influence the game. How and when this will happen is not clear yet.
You can already aqcuire a passport so you can start your own guild.
There is also an influence card in the marketplace:


The updated roadmap shows what @rollie1212 and the other developers are working on at the moment.
I really like the development of this game. It's more and more a game of tactical choises.


Play Cryptobrewmaster

If you aren't playing Cryptobrewmaster yet you should really check it out.
When you use my referral link you will get your first ingredients for free:



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Oh wow what was great I was there today I don't remember seeing any of that over except it didn't work for beer cuz I don't have enough ingredients yet cool cool

you rock!

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