Trading API is now available for CRYPTEX24 users

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Hi friends! ⚡️

🔥Trading API is now available for CRYPTEX24.IO users at:

👉 is a new cryptocurrency exchange, launched in open beta and has the following features:
➡️The availability of a referral program, under which Cryptex24 will pay you ❗️25% of your commission, and if you have 1000 C24 in your personal account, this fee will be ❗️50%.

➡️Low commissions for exchange operations, which amount only 0.1% (0.05% for those who use C24).

➡️Cheats for replenishing users' balance sheets.

➡️Ability to transfer "small balances" into C24.

➡️Simple design and user friendly interface.

🌐 GEO Pay is implemented on the cryptocurrency exchange for easy transfer of assets between different exchanges and services, which is used for deposit and withdrawal with a minimal commission.

✔️Currently available for trading: BTC, USDT, HIVE, HBD, KRB, TRX, BNB, XRP, XLM, CBM, ASH, BEER, LEO, DEC, UAH, EUR and C24 token.

🔜Listing of other popular cryptocurrencies is planned 🚀



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