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Hello all friends,
The fuel prices in India is touching new heights. In some places petrol prices already touching the Rs. 100 or near to the mark. Diesel price are behave in same way.

Factors effecting the fuel price

Petrol/Diesel rates in India are revised on a daily basis. Prices are revised at 06:00 a.m. every day. Petrol/Diesel price includes value added tax (VAT), excise duty and dealer commission. VAT varies from state to state and state controls the same. After adding excise duty, dealer commission and VAT, the retail selling price of petrol gets nearly doubled.
Their are various factors that impact the price of fuel. These include rupee to US dollar exchange rate, cost of crude oil, global cues, demand for fuel, and so on.

Below charts shows the price change in two metro cities in India.


Prices are per litter.

The Petrol price in Delhi was nearly Rs 82.5 three months back and now it is nearly Rs 93. so their is nearly 12.5% increase in three months. Similarly the Diesel price also increased from RS. 72.5 to nearly Rs. 80
(Todays US exchange rate is 73.6)
If we talk about the prices in Mumbai then the Petrol prices are already neat to the Rs 100 (97.5) and diesel is costing Rs. 86

The increase in price does not effect only the people own the vehicle they effect every common man in direct/indirect way. The high price means the increase in transport cost. The transport may be the goods or the publics transport bit are get effected. Today only I have seen the new about the increase of public transport prices, which will effect directly the common man.
Rich people has money to buy then fuel at even high price but what about the common man who struggle even for basic needs.
The increase in goods transport cost means the increase in the price of daily needs. It will effect the price of from vegetables, fruits to bread and butter.

The people are demanding for the deduction in price but their in no relief from Government. The State Government is blaming the Center Government and the Center Government is on doing the same.

Alternative Fuel

The main fuel use in transport vehicle is Petrol and Diesel. Is their any better alternative for same. Up to some extend the CNG (Compressed natural gas) is capable of replacing the needs. Now days the CNG operate vehicle are becoming the first choice for [personal vehicle. The price of CNG is low as compare to the Petrol/Diesel. Even in metro cities the major public transport is operating on CNG. The availability of CNG filling station is also a concern other then the metro cities.


The eclectic vehicle is also a another alternative but the technology is still growing. Delhi the capital city of India encourage the use of the electric vehicle and offering the subsidies and offers on purchase of eclectic vehicle. In Delhi at many places the 3-wheels use as public transport are also using the E-Rikshaws (electric operated 3-wheels).

What you people thinks?
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