Splinterlands Daily Quest - Dragon - 22/05/2022

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Today in my daily quest in Splinterlands I had to complete five wins with Dragon Deck. I play in the Gold league III, I'm in a position to open 6 chests.

Let's see the rewards:

The total rewards are:

  • 2 Common cards (Pelacor Deceiver) 10 CP
  • 2 Common cards (Venari Heatsmith) 10 CP
  • 1 Alchemy potion charge
  • 10 DEC


The total current value of these cards is estimated at around $0.052 also these cards add to my account 20 power.

Until my next post, have great fights and earnings!!!

If you are still out of Splinterlands blockchain game you can sign up by my ref: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=nikoleondas

Thank you!


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Great fights and earnings!