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As a Newbie your pictures are extremely important because not sourcing it is considered plagiarism. When I started Hivre newly I had no help or direction so I made lots of mistakes. I thought posting an article that isn’t yours without sourcing it was the only offense to be committed on Hive. So I avoided that by all means, but I didn’t know it sourcing your images is another offense on Hive. But due to observations from other people’s post, I asked my self one day, why are other people sourcing their pictures? Then I read from someone’s comment( sorry can’t give credit to that person because I have forgotten) about the importance of sourcing images to avoid plagiarism.


I realized I had been doing it partly wrongly this whole time. So I started learning to source images and giving credit to images as it is supposed to be. This is the first lesson I teach anyone I introduce to Hive, I always tell them, if the image is not yours, source it.

Most of them have been confused on how to do it. But I will show how I source my images, am not perfect am open to corrections and guidance also. If you feel how I source my images are wrong you can help guide me in the comment section I will be glad to take corrections. I was talking to one of best buddies @onwugbenuvictor and we talked about the importance of sourcing images and different ways to source images. I learn new things from him because he thought me he new way to source images.

Well first of all I use images from pixabay and unsplash sometimes. But when I find images that interest me from other websites I use while I source them.

If you are a Newbie the appropriate way to source your work is [source]no space (link). This means you put the “[“ followed by the word “source” followed by the “]” followed by the “(“ then followed by the “link” of what you want to source and lastly you close it with a “)”. I thought it was easy to understand it this way because when I sent [source] no space (link) to another Newbie I introduced into Hive he was confused.

This is the way I have been sourcing my works and pictures. But sometimes I get my images from other websites. I will show you how I do that. When I find an image I want to use on Google, I click on the image:


Click on copy image:



Go to my hive blog and paste the image link and it displays this:


Then on the preview section it shows both the image and the source. Although I noticed the source do have encrypted written along it, I don’t know if this is right because of the encrypted written on it. But mind you it will still take you to the image when you click on the source link.

Other ones I do don’t show encrypted sometimes. They show this at first.


When you look at it at the preview it shows this:



When I box it like adding [source] and (link)



They come out this way.

This is how I source my images. Let me hear your contributions in the comment section

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Thanks for this reminder, it definitely could help some new and even older users of Hive.

Cheers and keep giving credit hehe

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Thanks a lot champ.

We help each other get better mate 👍🏼😎, I really appreciate you introducing me to hive and helping me when I needed it 🙌🏼.

You are welcome bro.

I upvoted your post because I learnt alot from this and I know it's it's worth while for us newbies so thanks alot

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You are so welcome, feel free to ask anything