POB Delegations from @proofofbrainio - What are the terms, conditions and opportunities for delegations?

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POB has been a shining light in the HE tribe token arena the past few weeks and is indeed attracting some strong attention and investment.

After reading through a whole lot of content, one thing that really jumped out to me from reading @bitcoinflood's article on delegation: https://leofinance.io/@bitcoinflood/do-delegations-undermine-the-entire-pob-concept was the following comment from @onealfa.leo:

Screen Shot 20210504 at 9.07.02 pm.png

This has gotten me thinking and questioning:

  1. What are the rules, terms or obligations of the large POB delegations from @proofofbrainio that are currently in place?
  2. Are there any opportunities for other users to access delegations?
  3. How are these delegations benefiting the POB community as a whole?

For transparency, the list of delegations of 100 POB or more from @proofofbrainio are as follows:


Overall, there is around 33k POB delegated to accounts from @proofofbrainio for a number of different reasons.

There were a number of delegations given out to engage people in the community and assist with the spread of the token in the early stages. My question is are these delegations still in place and if so, what are the terms of those delegations. If the delegations will continue, can other members of the community get access to a delegation for a specific reason through a proposal system of some sort?
This post highlighted some of the delegations and reasons for those delegations though I am unsure whether they are still in place: https://www.proofofbrain.io/hive-150329/@proofofbrainio/pob-udate-engagement-tags-and-more-delegations

Earlier in the evolution of the tribe, there was also an opportunity for users to delegate HIVE to @proofofbrainio to receive the same delegation back in POB as promoted in this post:
I am not sure whether this option is still available for users and I am sure the community would appreciate an update on whether other users can access these delegations for HIVE.

For transparency and understanding of any terms and conditions or additional opportunities, can @proofofbrainio outline the delegations and whether there are any rules or other offers for delegations and how these are/will contribute back to the POB community.

I hope you find this information useful and if you can shed any light on this information, please feel free to drop a comment.

Thanks for reading.

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I think those delegations are not the only area, where ZERO transparency took place in POB space (correct me if I am wrong)

Another thing what I would like to know is - WHO IS HIDING behind this 100% anonymous account @proofofbrainio ???
It is zero doubt this person has multiple year experience on Steem, and then Hive.
Is he a developer? Code writer? Steem/Hive Investor?
Who is he?

What past actions, posts and activities he has made in the past on Steem and Hive?
What other persons and which finance circles of Steem/Hive he is associated?

I am not looking to know his REAL name, address, or working company
His past Steem/Hive account name would fully, 100% cover my curiosity.

There must be a reason of this very serious hiding, right?

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I guess the whole story of @proofofbrain is inspired by bitcoin. Whether it is limited supply of tokens or halving of supply. When we talk about the success ofBitcoin we definitely talk about Satoshi Nakamoto. The way he stayed anonymous but helped to transform the digital world to the level that we are today, I believe that @proofofbrain is a very common or a popular hive user from old days who wish to replicate the success of bitcoin on the hive blockchain. In the process i am sure everyone gains. So the beauty of this platform is in not knowing the real name of the community owner.

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I really hope that your assumptions are 100% right, and no bad intentions ever comes to the mind of the founders of this tribe.
Who knows, maybe I'm indeed to much paranoid... :)

I feel a bit of paranoia is okay when dealing with anonymity. There's nothing wrong with a questioning attitude.

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Our own Hivetoshi Nakamoto for sure knows tokenomics.

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That would be interesting to know. I know that @eonwarped has assisted addressing some of the early issues experienced so I am presuming this person has a strong history across Steem/Hive. It is strange that someone wouldn't want to associate their username with the project unless there is something to hide? You have now stoked my curiosity as well!

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There must be a reason of this very serious hiding, right?

Haven't you been on HIVE/STEEM for 5 years? I'm sure you've read multiple posts about the benefits of Satoshi Nakamoto remaining anonymous.

Just because you personally haven't witnessed transparency doesn't mean there hasn't been transparency. Plus you aren't exactly a model figure of transparency yourself, how's the air up there?

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These are good things to know, we all know what can happen with a heavy staked account and what kind of power they wield in a POB system and can quickly become misplaced and used for harm or just flat out attacks because you don't like someone's opinion.

While not always the case it's important to have full transparency and understand that people coming in and investing into a project a month or later after a project has launched they don't have the insiders knowledge. I am sure no one has no ill intentions and the community has done awesome so far. But when there are humans involved there is almost always biased opinions.

I'd be curious how long the delegations are for and the terms of them.

Finally, someone asking the right questions around here!

International Man of Mystery Hivetoshi Nakamoto.

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As one of the people that got the delegation, here is my 0,02DAI

I started delegation 50 HP to POB when it was still available (you can't do that anymore) and it was a 1:1 proportion. After I engaged a lot in the tribe, he delegated me the 1k that I have now. From the start, @proofofbrainio has been really open to conversation, suggestions and interactions. I never felt that there was no transparency what so ever in here. On the contrary, since he always answer when people ask him things and even made clear that you should always question things if you have doubt, and even him should be questioned. This is one of the core values of the tribe: You should always question things. Maybe you won't get an answer right away, but it's your right to question.

I think its fair for you to raise this issue, although he made clear before that delegations are placed for people he thinks are doing a good job here. Maybe what you are asking for are guidelines to get the delegation, I'm, not sure, but mainly what I wrote before have been the guidelines: Do a nice work in engaging, posting and helping the tribe and you may get a delegation.

Many things are subjective here in POB, just like you autovoting your own post with your curator account. I don't think that a good practice, but it's fine for the tribe. Just like POB giving delegations to people he thinks are good for the tribe.

Now just to catch the ball rolling, I think a great majority of people here are anonymous in their accounts, so I don't get the reason for so much distrust @onealfa.pob. Maybe as you said in Discord, long ago since you know your're paranoid. And you're happy to be so. And this may be the cause of so much distrust. I think is totally fine to question "Who is POB?" but to say that there are reasons to be hiding, and they must be serious, just feels too much for me.

I think those delegations are not the only area, where ZERO transparency took place in POB space (correct me if I am wrong)

If you can name some of them for me, I'll gladly try to answer you about this.

And just on a last note: I have nothing personal to do with POB, the discord channel or what so ever. I'm just a guy who like this project and is going long ways to help it as much as I can.

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Thanks for the response and engagement.

I do upvote my own content and always have. Perhaps now I have a larger influence on POB than I do on other tribes I need to rethink that methodology. Though I do focus on upvoting other content manually on a daily basis with 90% + of my votes going to a variety of users.

I have no issue with the delegations but would like to know the why and whether these opportunities are there for other users. I am not personally looking for a delegation, but if you have one for a specific reason from the tribe creator, then I feel the community should know why so that person can be held accountable for the delegation. If it is because you delegated HIVE for the 1:1 deal then fair enough. I’d just like to see those same opportunities given to others to spread the wealth and grow POB further!

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Hey, sorry if I came across rude when I said about the selfvoting, it's an issue that I'm still reflecting upon and maybe I didn't use the best words to talk about it. If you spread your votes with other users, I'm starting to think it's just fine. Just need to reflect and read a little more about it, but keep up the good work! (also, I just read this post from @juanmiguelsalas that made me see selfvoting in general different. So my bad again for jumping to conclusions)

About the delegations, there was a time when you could delegate 1:1 hive, but that's not possible anymore. The only reason I know of (and I believe that it was the reason I got it) is from engagement and helping others around. I always try to upvote new users and other content that I find interesting, but I don't consider myself a curator. So my delegation is not in that spectrum either (i think). But in the end, I feel like @proofofbrainio is the best person to clarify this matter to you.

Again, I thank you for raising this issue. All should have the same opportunities.

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In @proofofbrainio 's early posts, there is mention of delegations quite a bit. I know I am delegating 1000 Hive straight up for 1000 POB. When I took the deal it was slanted. POB was at 0.2 Hive or something like that. I was both bullish on the project and thought that I could help it grow in a positive direction.

I think some of the delegations were given out to people who were taking the tribe seriously, doing good work etc. Not sure.

Transparency is always a good thing, especially as things grow (in this case rapidly).

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I really have no answers to all of these questions of yours and that is because I just got here, and I am going round reading almost everyone's post around POB just to get an idea of what the goals of the community are and how I can be a part of it.

Albeit, I can tell you that since I landed here, I have been seeing a lot of effort put into making sure our community and token has both value and visibility

Judging from all the comments I read on this post, I am very sure you got your answers

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wow all this is really subjective and there is a lot of cloth to cut although my time here is quite short I have seen and not precisely in this community how votes favor people who have little commitment in the community, benefiting a supposed pretty face or that is what it reflects. Undoubtedly a vote of a whale can help or harm a lot and that is where perhaps users like me are at a disadvantage but I think that as long as you do things correctly, you should not worry about variants that may seem more like a whim than something to take real importance on. !

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I think that the work that has been done so far has been successful, in itself the numbers and growth speak for themselves, and the fact that @proofofbrainio maintains an incognito figure personally does not bother me, I think and I have also read that only Two things will be of great value in a couple of decades and they are water and privacy, I think the second is already very well in practice and the first continues to be more scarce with each passing day.

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Thanks for the clarification.

I don't like having a much bigger upvote than everyone else. I think decentralizing the curation is very important and that was my main goal in the delegations that I made.

My only concern with this is by delegating large chunks of POB to specific accounts, in effect these accounts gain larger stakes in POB and this somewhat reduces the goal of decentralising the curation in the longer-term. I agree that some of the delegations are being used to run competitions and promote new users and content, however, accounts are gaining benefit from the delegations. As these accounts build larger stakes, the curation effect does become more centralised. This centralisation can also come about by building stake through Proof Of Brain and through attaining tokens on the market.

I'd like to suggest some ideas for delegation if you don't mind and will put up a post to get the community discussing further. Hopefully that will provide you with some ideas and food for thought on how the spread the curation.

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