Blurt may freeze accounts for engaging in subversive tactics

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Long time user @ctime moved to Blurt from what I assume is disagreement with Hive in general. In doing so, he(?) aquired a significant stake on Blurt, currently 13.4M Blurt on his main account, who knows on alts. When I first noticed his stake on Blurt it was valued over $300K USD, but is now sitting at just over $100K.

Full disclosure, I really don't know much of the politics on Blurt and what's been going on outside of my recent time looking around at those who have been spamming Hive with their Blurt propaganda. I have since made a few classy memes just to say Hi.




The last one may not make sense unless you are aware Blurt has no downvotes. They do however have a coal list that allows a central authority to disable your ability to receive upvotes. So in my eyes, they do have downvotes they are just not decentralized like they are on Hive.

Anyway, I've noticed a few interestings happening and like I said, I don't know the politics so I don't fully understand what's going on.

That being said, I do know Blurt is approaching the two year mark where they promised to stop being the single voter that controls the top 20 witnesses and allow the community to decide. @ctime wants this to happen so the community can take over. @megadrive (Blurt Founder) as far as I understand isn't ready to do so.

I came to be informed that @fervi is a supporter of @ctime who is currently trying to engage in subversive tactics on Blurt and making demands for the foundation to step aside to dupe users into rallying behind the Utopian dream of decentralisation while he and his group lie in wait with 21 mil BP ready to take over consensus and the proposal pool if he succeeds in getting the foundation to neuter itself.

@ctime has on many occassions lorded powering down and crashing the price over the community if he doesn't get his way and latest threats to dox the foundation team which is highly dangerous to the security of Blurt as all hold witness positions, threats of this nature are not to be taken lightly. Other threats include stopping his @ctime rewards bot to punish users (the foundation however has an answer to this with @blurtbooster, an algo bot that will vote all qualifying and non-blacklisted accounts)
- @megadrive - Blurt Founder


Blurt price has been dropping fairly quickly in the last few days, even after the entire market lost 50%, Blurt keeps dipping lower. Prior to the market drop Blurt was just over $0.03 for a bit and hovered around $0.022 for a while. The daily volume being under $100 many days, and around $4,000 on a busy day. This potenally buffers any major impact on price.

There is a lot more going on than this quote above from @megadrive, and like I said I really don't know shit about Blurt outside of the basics.

After these events, Blurt Core has shutdown the public witness channel, prior to doing this, Blurt Core contacted other witnesses about freezing @ctime's accounts and potentially other users associated with him.

I, at the time, approached the witnesses in the channel to gather their thoughts on the notion of giving @ctime notice to wind up his affairs within 30 to 40 days on Blurt before we freeze his account, having been given fair warning, this would extend to bullies on the chain that persecute our users.
- @megadrive - Blurt Founder

@megadrive also added the following clarification in a recent edit.

For clarification purposes, funds will always be SAFU, and even fair warning given to extract them. "Freezing" refers to blocking governance and social functions.
- @megadrive - Blurt Founder

I have no horse in this race and don't really understand the full scope of what's going on, so I don't really have an educated opinion about this.

The reality is that as Blurt heads to the $0.001 price point that @ctime and @double-u so cavalier laugh about; the cost to take over consenus becomes in the hundreds of thousands of Dollars instead of Millions and makes it ripe for a collusive takeover and destruction, nullifying value for everyone, but these jokers think it is funny and want to engineer that it does get there by spreading FUD.
- @megadrive - Blurt Founder

@megadrive brings up a big point here, and this is true for all blockchain projects, the cheaper it is to get a large portion of the network, the easier it is to take over and manipulate.


There are a lot more details in @megadrive's post and the comment section and if this sort of thing interests you, I suggest you read the post in it's entirety as I only covered some aspect of it to be more focused on the core issue.

I am sure there is a lot more to this entire situation than I am even aware of. I only recently looked back at Blurt as a result of the spam some of their newer users have been doing on the Hive network in the last few months. I do find this a fascinating situation of governance and security regardless.

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Hive witness #38, kept up there by @steemmonsters(@aggroed).

right I wish they would look at this vote and change it.

Oh dear, they are in a pickle. I can see a few of the regulars disagreeing about what should happen and some are pretty worried. Shutting out any account is an extreme measure, but as they are pretty centralised they could do it.

Size does matter in crypto as small chains can be taken over by those with the money. I can appreciate what the Blurt team tried to do initially, but it's not really got anywhere. They can't get by with just refugees from the 'Hive downvote wars' (did you fight daddy?). They really make it sound like life is hell here.

I just tried to reply to a comment over there (incorrectly saying Semisonic are a Britpop band!), but transactions are failing, again. I had decided to stop trolling Blurters, but I may update them on Hive events they might enjoy.

I may update them on Hive events they might enjoy


I'm trying to build bridges, but some may need a lifeboat as they burned their bridges :)

Ive also been helping out on blurt a bit. The current situation on blurt is pretty bad, generally dont have a graphene adept dev so development is patchy, up until about a month ago you couldnt even manually compile blurt till I came in and fixed the build system enough to work.

I personally am in it to see if and how well blurt works with no RC and stable coin. Lack of downvotes is.. Eh. A problem without alternative to combat abuse.

Its a pretty testing time for blurt

I'm not against the project really. It is just that a lot of people there complain about Hive, but all they have is a basic blogging dapp and Hive is much more than that. Good luck with it.

Total shit-show.

They should try group therapy, , , and Film it @.@

Just sain, that could generate considerable attention.

Could call the show: Beyond Help

The Popcorn 🍿 Level is very high on this one. Blurt and other Forks should be able to profit from any open source Hive progress, if they happen to be able to adapt and implement those. On the other side of the argument, you can't progress anywhere if your eating urself. Also I think disagreements are vital and if you’re network can’t do that without total destruction… yeah well, it might destroy itself rather sooner than later.

The last one may not make sense unless you are aware Blurt has no downvotes. They do however have a coal list that allows a central authority to disable your ability to receive upvotes. So in my eyes, they do have downvotes they are just not decentralized like they are on Hive.

This (and the account freezing) is much worse than the downvote abuse on Hive. This makes Blurt similar to (or even much worse than) traditional social networks. Technically if they disable your ability to receive upvotes, then those are not downvotes, but total control, total censorship over the reward distribution. They literally control who can be rewarded.

The reality is that as Blurt heads to the $0.001 price point

I have not tried Blurt so far, but based on the facts above, Blurt deserves it. And even lower, like $0.0001 USD.

Ah don't go down into The Valley of Schadenfreude, that's bad for your karma.

I had to look up the meaning of schadenfreude.

pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.

But this is not misfortune. This is the well deserved consequence of the intentional bad actions of the Blurt owners (account freezings, disabling the ability of various accounts to receive downvotes, etc).

Schadenfreude is a German word that gets some usage in American English as well. I noticed some anchors, within them noticeably Ben Shapiro using it fluidly in full english context.

Welp. Looks like they called the bluff, showed everyone who's boss. Now some are going to add a 'D' to the word blurt. Do the same things, say the same things. And somehow that's case closed; problem solved.

Oh and you get to pay more to post in front of an audience of none. Plus they'll still freeze accounts if there is a threat, but that 'threat' was not defined.


All Blockchains should be connected in peace and harmony and joy but that would be like wishing mum and dad should have sex again after 10 years divorce .

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🤣 that's classic, the funniest I've read on this thread so far.


Thanks for the insightful post on Blurt as it’s another proof no fork from the original will resolve the original problems. Here it is simply control of the platform and when someone who couldn’t get it they want to destroy it for all.

Makes me feel good where hive is right now and where it had come. It too isn’t perfect but surely in a better situation than Blurt and other social media platforms.

Makes me feel good where hive is right now and where it had come.

Am really happy with Hive, far better than STEEM, Blurt seems to be a lot worse. We've got to keep appreciating and protecting what we have on Hive, it is looking better by the day.

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A more successful Blurt would probably be even better for HIVE. I consider STEEM and Blurt both as to be Forks of HIVE, which is the OG Community and Blockchain.

Hi @themarkymark
The memes you create are very representative of what has happened. Good job Sir!

That in every system there must be people who have opposing interests, furthermore there are people who are trying to overthrow the system. It will happen all the time and will happen again and again.

In the perspective of resilience and growth, the effort to bring down a system becomes a positive value. That is, it is all a process of testing the level of defense and strength of the system, if it is able to survive and successfully handle the problems of those who try to bring it down, then the system will increase its selling value and it will increase people's interest to join the system. which has been tested.

Since #Hive was founded in 2016, the great people on the Hive Team have anticipated anything that could happen to the security and defense of systems within Hive. In my opinion, 6 years of Hive's existence is a fairly short time for a system to grow and develop. Hive has been "tested and will continue to be tested" throughout its lifetime.

We hope that all of you who are members of the Hive Team will continue to shine to give the best for Hive Lovers

"Freezing accounts?" And I was considering creating an account and posting there... I have to reconsider.

All I know about Blurt is that it's supposed to be focused on free speech and that @trumpman one day had proclaimed "BLURT to the moon!"; otherwise I have no knowledge of what goes on there.

How common is it for Hivers to also have a presence on Blurt? I'm only asking because for me it would be a way to drive traffic from there to LeoFinance and perhaps other communities. Given what's been described here, would I still have reason to have a presence at Blurt?

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Now it's dogecoin to the moon silly!

I never doubted Dogecoin. It's because of Dogecoin that I discovered Hive.

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would I still have reason to have a presence at Blurt?

Sadly some lack sense of reasoning!

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Some users post on both some even post on Steem as well. It’s a pretty small percentage I’d guess as there is very traffic on Blurt.

Probably 98% alt accounts with farming purposes? I’d hate myself for behavior like that.

Judging by your post, how on earth do we define Blurt as decentralized? These is actually ridiculous and I find it difficult to understand why will people choose to be controlled instead of being on a decentralized platform.

I never knew they don't have downvote system but have an account freezing system in place, what a joke!

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omg, look at the daily volume 🙈

BLURT 24h trading volume: $267

Sounds like steem all over again

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Ahhhh :) Thanks for sharing it.

I already love it. bear market stories have everything.

Drama, action, politics and more.

Zero next :D

its a shame that the wording used was terrible and left room for misinterpretation.

That being said, I actually voiced my opposition to this whennit wad brought up, the idea of freezing or even driving out an account is ludicrous.

As far as the governance system atm, i believe that there was a regent account made that had governance vote power equal to 50 percent of powered up blurt at the time of creation.

It was set to reduce by 1/24 of the initial ammount every month so basically after 2 years it would have no effect.

The regent account expires on 4th july iirc

There was talk of refreshing the regent account but that has been shelved aswell.

At this point blurt devs are instead altering how votes work so instead of 100% of blirt power being used on 30 votes essenually giving uses a 30x leverage, total bp will be devided between each vote, may also have lower total vote too.

Fervi made the private witness convo public with screenshots , screenshots which were taken from the start because it was calculated .
So it is easy to see that @megadrive said he does not talk to you .
And we all know , you and him sadly do not get along.
Now Megadrive is bullied because of his connection to Hivewatchers . Very sad


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Lmao Hivewatchers supplying intel.

Ricardo is so full of shit that he expects people to believe that 3 stooges from Hive offer him “intel”.

Ahh, I see the issue. He associates me as Hive Watchers, **I have nothing (and never have had) to do with Hive Watchers.

The irony of megadrive calling people sociopaths considering how unprincipled he is and how he will do anything to make a buck regardless of ethtics.

He says "hivewatchers" consider ctime to be a sociopath

He also named me specifically because I called him out on his bs in the past.

There is no freezing of accounts. It was just an idea and we dropped it.
But yepp those are the same people who left hive then came to blurt and now crying on blurt saying hive is better. They would be happy if blurt is under their control

The same thing happens to me, they send me many messages asking me to participate in other platforms, I have been in Hive for two years and I have great faith that the earnings will be more favorable very soon. In any case, I remain hopeful and especially in my Hive communities where I can make publications about Yoga, a discipline that has given me excellent results, not only financially, it has also improved my physical and mental health. Dear greetings and encouragement that very soon we will have a strengthened Hive, as it always has been. hits


Whether it's decentralized downvotes which is bullshit because it's centralized downvotes. if you got more downvoter power based on your stake.. and whether it's one guy at blurt who can do it. .same difference both your systems will fail and are utter crap.. bitcoin myk vote system is decentralized through distribution period so it's no reason to worry about it.. in any event you guys systems are inferior to bitcoin myk and we know in the future the people will choose bitcoin myk which is why you all can't grow now your systems are complete garbage both your systems lol

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The next time maybe you better do your homework, before spreading your unqualified crap on Hive buddy...



Aaaahhh, u luv ur drama little marky... But the drama's over baby... Pack ur bags and go home buddy...


I love facts and truth, something you know nothing of.

U luv drama, deception and malicious joy buddy... and you're a master in its craft... ;)

deflecting the fact you were full of shit?

I love facts and truth, something you know nothing of.

Just saying you have nothing in common with the above...

How do you like my memes mate? ☺️

garbage like your lies.

I came to be informed that @fervi is a supporter

Lmao. I represent whole community.

A better question is why you are associated with the affair. But you're probably a wimp as usual.

I have no interest for either parties merely reporting as something that is interesting in our industry.

As most of us here have accounts there regardless if they are used, it is something they should at least be aware of.

But you're probably a wimp as usual.

You clearly know nothing of me.

PS: You may find my recent comment interesting.

No worries, fervi is known for being stupid or malicious troll (but most likely both) who runs slander campaign against Hive. He's been around for quite a while but since he was lately focused on b*urt some might not remember that it's just a waste (also) of time.

I am not the one making the various statements privately and publicly. I am not ashamed of my views, and you are.

In Poland we call such people double-faced

Interesting that I know nothing about you, and you yourself recommended together with Berniesanders to ban ctime. I don't know who you are making a retard out of if the conversations leaked.

Apparently maybe I know too much about you.

Wtf you talking about I didn’t recommend to ban anyone. I don’t even think Bernie is even around.


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Strange, cryptodrive said otherwise on the witness chat. He greatly appreciates your advice.

Yes, I was a witness on Blurt. Technically I still am. That's how I know about cryptodrive wanting to freeze people. Otherwise he would have done it quietly, and so all the people who will be frozen are already informed.

Strange, cryptodrive said otherwise on the witness chat. He greatly appreciates your advice.

I see the mix up here, I am not and never have been part of Hive Watchers. That's Guilty and Logic.

There is no mix up , Megadrive clearly said he does not talk to you .

Apparently there is as others have said so. At least it appears that way.

He says a lot of things. I have no part in Blurt and I doubt Bernie has ever even looked at it. If he is saying I am suggesting banning people there he is absolutely full of shit and lying. I have no part in his bullshit.

Hope. Unfortunately, for standing up for the people who will be frozen, I am to have my account frozen myself.

It's a good thing the scandal got made, maybe Megadrive will calm down.

Anyway, we'll see what happens in the future. Maybe Hive will see what a real blockchain social network should look like. But that's only after the Blurt Foundation is disbanded. After what I've seen I doubt anything will come of it.