Take control of your future with high apr HBD savings and a cold wallet

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If you haven't heard, I am signalling for 20% apr HBD interest as well as other witnesses.


As of yesterday, HBD interest is now set to 20% apr. This may change at any time depending on what the majority of consensus witnesses signal.


As you can see though, the vast majority are voting for higher HBD interest rates.

This got me thinking and I wanted to share something I highly recommend and I have been doing myself for a long time.

With such a high apr on HBD makes saving HBD a very attractive option. 20% is higher than any commercial bank, most stocks, and almost all crypto savings projects, especially since major players like Crypto.com reducing their rates recently.

You can only earn interest on HBD that has deposited into your HBD savings.

Pair this high apr with a cold wallet, you can create your own savings/retirement plan that can rival professional investment vehicles.

What is a cold wallet?

I have covered this a few times in the past, and I think most people know what a cold wallet is. A cold wallet is a wallet you primarily use for long term holding and do not use on a daily basis. Daily activity would be conducted through a hot wallet which typically carries a much smaller balance.

By separating your daily and holding activity between two wallets you minimize risk and generally reduce impusive activity.

With Hive, a cold wallet is as easy to create as a separate account. This is only effective if you do not log into this account on a regular basis. In fact, you could go years without ever logging in as you can easily desposit tokens from your account into this account without ever logging in. You can even deposit HBD into the savings of this other account.

While posting on Hive frequently rewards in staked tokens as well as liquid HBD, these liquid HBD rewards can be deposited into your cold wallet's savings and forgot about for the foreseeable future until you want to take away from your savings. You can use this as a retirement plan where you deposit to frequently or just use it for short term building.

This technique will quickly result in appreciable gains while taking almost no effort on your part.


Let's pretend you start with $0 and deposit 100 HBD into your savings on a monthly basis. In just 20 years that will turn into 311,000, but if you just put 100 HBD into your account without interest over 20 years, you would only have 24,000 at the end of 20 years. Compound interest is one of the most effective financial strategies to become financially independent.


As you can see, you don't have to be rich to take advantage of this to create life changing wealth. By using a dedicated account that you don't log into not only provides a lot more security, it provides discipline and self control with little effort on your part.


Even just 5 HBD a month can turn into 18,000 over the course of 20 years.

Keep in mind, using HBD savings will prevent you from taking advantage of Hive token pumps but will shield you from dips. Use your best judgement for your situation, this will likely be some combination of savings and powering up.

I am sharing my experience and not providing financial advice. You should always ask your mom before investing.

I hope this provides you some insight on how to increase the security of your assets and taking advantage of compounding interest.

For even more security, you can use Ledger hardware wallet with the new Hive support.


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No guarantee the 20% rate will be available for 20 years, or even 1 year for that matter. But for now it is a great opportunity.

Totally agree, More wanted to paint a picture of how powereful high apr and compound interest can be and show how to build a secure nest egg.

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With Hive, a cold wallet is as easy to create as a separate account.

Ah I was very confused.
My definition of a cold wallet would be one that the keys are created offline and you only sign transactions through an airgap (offline).


Had an idea to make one with Raspberry Pi connected to a camera to scan the QR codes, but alas I don't have the resources to build such a thing.

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My definition of a cold wallet would be one that the keys are created offline and you only sign transactions through an airgap (offline).

Cold wallet is simply a wallet that isn't used regularly. You can air gap it for even more security. I guess some do consider it to be air gaped by definition. I never considered it as such.

Looking up "cold wallet" it does seem the majority consider it "offline" so I seem to be misusing the term. I've always considered it something in other than a hot wallet that may or may not be airgapped/offline.

Once you set this up it is pretty much air gapped as you have no need to login.

Great idea. A couple questions:

  • You mention that you can directly deposit to HBD savings on the cold wallet account. How? Of course I know we can send HBD using the send button, but I don't see any "deposit to savings" flag on the send screen. A memo perhaps?
  • I was under the impression that we had manually claim the HBD interest every month. Is there a way to automate this so that one didn't have to log in to the cold wallet account to do it?

You mention that you can directly deposit to HBD savings on the cold wallet account. How? Of course I know we can send HBD using the send button, but I don't see any "deposit to savings" flag on the send screen. A memo perhaps?

I use PeakD and it has the option to change which account you send it to, same as if powering up where you can change who you power up to.


I was under the impression that we had manually claim the HBD interest every month. Is there a way to automate this so that one didn't have to log in to the cold wallet account to do it?

It is automatically claimed if there was a recent HBD transaction (this includes incoming, basically anything that changes the balance).

Ahh I see. I don't know how I missed that you could change who goes in the "to" field. Gotcha! Thanks, Marky.


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These are really good question, as i now for the second question. you have following ways to claim you HBD interests:

  • Manually Claim it after 30 days
  • every time you deposit HBD into you savings i get automatically claimed

Thanks for leading the charge on moving the HBD APR to 20%, mate.

Seems like shit got done fairly quickly after you flicked the switch.

My questions were answered in dbooster's comment that I've now upvoted to the top on the LeoFinance front-end as well.

Cheers :)

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20 years is a really good goal and I hope people do see it as something to build to. Unfortunately there are still many around that expect a Lambo tomorrow from $100 deposit today.

Well done on the changes and you guys are doing great work!

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A lambo is one of the dumbest things you can do with your money. I'm perfectly fine with a Honda Accord.

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Correct, I only ever buy 2nd hand cars and commodores because they're everywhere and parts you can pick up for a few bucks.

Cars are a waste of cash

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Well, thank you for this; I learned something new. I did not realize you could send funds to the savings of another account, I always thought it could only go into your own savings.

Next step in making this a fully automated process would be if we could make a 3rd party savings account a beneficiary of a chosen percentage of our HBD (or Hive, for that matter) rewards. I realize that would have to bypass the "claiming rewards" step... but still, just a thought, particularly if the objective is to encourage long-term saving. Consider a kid's college fund... you just float 10% of all your HBD automatically into a cold wallet like this, and 18 years later... TA-DA!


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Yeah holding all my hbd close to me…keep putting it in savings…
Juicy Apr

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Do you really believe the HBD interest rate will be 20% for 20 years?

I reckon it will get ditched due to unaffordabilty - same reason that last year they stopped paying interest on all HBD balances and switched to paying on savings only.

Do you really believe the HBD interest rate will be 20% for 20 years?

No I don't, it's more to show how powerful compounding interest like this can be and how to build a secure nest egg for your future.

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Really great advice and was wondering what the best way to be secure moving forward was. This has helped me a great deal and is definitely the way forward. So basically you create another account and just transfer the HBD into the savings and that should be it.

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This is interesting. Now can saving and then the interest compounded. Or can deposit regularly and let it accumulate. And you mention to use a dedicated account just for this. That's excellent idea, this way it more secure as you using it only for HBD !

Thanks a lot for the information. I was converting the hbds I earned by writing to hve. I didn't have a clear idea about how to save. this idea is pretty good. By investing 10 hbd per month, I can get a good savings at the end of five years.

I just have to research what a cold wallet is and how to get it.

Wow this is awesome! I would love if I can make an automatic transfer of HBD from my wallet to savings on a set period of time like recurring without having to do it manually.

Let me just keep Saving this amount daily to my cold wallet without manually sending it.

You get my idea?

Reoccuring is designed for paying a third party, so less related to "savings" although it would be nice to have an auto savings system. The main problem reoccuring payments was to solve is to allow someone to "bill" you without having your active private key.

Yeah, auto savings is the right word to it. I really hope that would be looked into. Thanks for the info!

I'm so excited, my Mom said it was okay to start earning interest on HBD!

HBD is now the sweetest honey on the Hive blockchain with 20% APR. The compounding effect is great and anyone can shape a financial future simply by passively adding to HBD savings over a recurring period. I am sure we will see more users invest in HBD and also more users come to this great ecosystem, we just need to let the word out!

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Thanks for the advice, Marky!

I have an old notebook that I don't use much nowadays and I'm thinking of formating it, installing Linux and using it only to access my cold wallet every now and then. Do you think it's worth adding that extra layer of protection or is it overkill?

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Only you can decide what risks you are willing to take and how much security you need for your assets.

I'll just go for it then. I can't see any downsides aside from a little bit of extra work every few months or so.

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You've actually laid out some fine strategies that one can employ.

Thank you. I'm going to set an auto save for savings every month for the next 20 years 😅

Hey thanks for this, I kind of like the idea of putting 100 hbd away per month into savings. It makes sense, and so does the cold wallet idea.

I may have to think about getting started with this strategy... now how to make 100 HBD a month...

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You should always ask your mom before investing.

Hilarious! !LOLZ

This is a great post, even my mom agrees!!

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Mark, I wonder if this is going to encourage more people to choose the 50/50 payout option?

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I think almost everyone sticks with 50/50.

I just saw a really good tutorial post about setting up the cold wallet. This totally blows traditional investment accounts out of the water. I think I only get round 7 to 11 percent average on my 403B. I have been putting as much HBD as I can into the savings account. If you had to guess whether it will go up even more or go down which way do you think the witnesses are leaning?

I cannot predict the future.

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Fair enough.

Interesting information, thanks for sharing

Interesante información, gracias por compartir

20% on hive just blows my mind. My only worry is that it makes it more attractive to just park cash in hbd instead of powering up and curating.

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Great advice and I started doing this at 12%APR so no reasons I wouldn’t do it at 20% 😅.

When you mean cold wallet, do you mean I could put them into Hive Savings Account and withdraw them on a ledger and still earn interests on these? 🧐

I am confused on how this would work. Or do you mean I could just secure my hive account with a cold wallet to connect to it?

Thanks in advance if you have the time to answer this.



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You can deposit into another account’s savings without having to log into that account. You can just let the account grow and never login until you are ready to withdraw.

Don't you have to log into this Account to stake the monthly interest?


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An important thing to know is that the interest is not paid annually, but every 30 days. This means that if you add up the interest received every month, you can obtain an effective rate a little higher than the 10% advertised.
Another important thing to know is that this interest is not paid automatically every 30 days, but you must claim it!


I've started to put more into my savings recently.

Have you read The Compounding Effect ? What a great book, reading the note in the end reminds me of this.

No, I haven’t.

Atleast read it's 5 min summary if you have time or if u can. Highly recommended.

Though, you said this is not a financial advice but I must admit, this is one of the best financial advice I've come across. Thanks so much for sharing, and I look forward to putting this to good use. Cheers

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You should always ask your mom before investing.

My mom said I should save 250 HBD per month in 10 years then retire :)
Thanks for a lot of information in this post.
I will take a look on the cold wallet

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I just heard about this change to 20% earlier today and I am all in favour of it. I moved 500HBD in there when Hive hit 2.5 a while back and was very happy with the 12%. I plan to leave it there and start adding a little weekly, but 20% is unbelievable really. I am considering taking some of my Fiat savings and transferring it in to HBD and leave it there. For those investing in a diverse basket of shares, 10 or 12% per annum would be fantastic, but would require lots of reading and diligence. Here we have an opportunity to deposit HBD funds and earn 20% APR and for the less mathematically inclined your graphs demonstrate exactly how attractive compound interest is.

@blezyn can we do this? So I don't get to spend all our money 🤡? I can create the account and send you the keys.

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Sure thing boss

Incredibly powerful shit right here. Stablecoin paying 20% APR plus the ability to do it from a cold wallet is amazing.

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That's a good strategy. I have a code wallet already. Thanks for the post

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This is really amazing considering a few personal reasons.

For one, it will teach users how to develop a futuristic mentality and interest-making habits. But a quick one, we can't really trust or let's say, consider the viability of HBD savings and the APR considering the fact that we cannot totally depend on cryptocurrency...

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Awesome. I am going to buy a few Million HBD if I can scrounge the money together....

Nice. Guess i gotta start holding my HBD now.

I like the idea of a separate account dedicated to HBD savings, less frequent sign ins for security reason is a good one.

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the question is whether Hive will still be here in 20 years ;) :O

You are totally right about cold wallet as it will help to take care of the future,the 20% Apr is a financial builder for anyone who actually wants to grow financially both now and in the future.thanks for your advice

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Can I deposit, for example, every day? Or will each deposit restart my interest timer for 30 days?

Thanks in advance

Yes you can.

Is there a way to check my account's interest pending, next payment date etc? Like a hive explorer or something similar.

You can look at your wallet on PeakD

Great, thanks a lot!

Cold wallet is great idea that I put into consideration by securing my future with hbd.

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what an interesting read , couldn’t take my eyes off. I guess we learn everyday if we actually pay attention. Thanks to this article of yours , I get to know of cold wallet and how it works . Indeed with hbd’s high apr one could actually take control of one’s future. Saving hbd in a cold Wallet for 20 years sounds perfect.

You should always ask your mom before investing



I was wondering: what about $HIVE in Savings? Does it provides also 20% APR on staked Hive? I mean, this could perceive that juicy 20% while also allowing us to enjoy the eventual $HIVE uptrends.

What do you guys think? @themarkymark @taskmaster4450


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Hive in savings does not provide any interest. Powering up Hive does though.

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Thanks for the clarification ser.



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Wow.. So I should move all my hbd to savings account. Thanks

Time to stack

Thank you for initiating the increase on the rate and also for sharing your security and saving tips. Helpful much for those like me who are just starting. Saving this for my future and or immediate reference😊

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This is an eyes opener, thanks for this educative post.

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Although it's so encouraging, unfortunately it is NOT properal, because you've mentioned that the 20% may change , so how likely will it stands for 20 years?

I am unable to predict the future, I would be surprised if it is 20% for 20 years though.

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That's a fair point about a cold wallet, something I might well do myself.

With this kind of interest rate I can't see the Stable liquidity pool on PCUB being of that much interest, it'll have to offer at least a 50% APR to make the real rate 25% (not a fan of keeping my rewards locked for 3 months)......

20% is appealing.

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or you buy every meme coin with 50$ each and become a bazillionaire.

As a newbie to the platform this is an attractive idea…. I don’t have much but I might be able to put a little in.

Such a good platform.

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So where's the source link? That's plagiarism... Or do other laws apply to you than to all others here coz of your 1 million HP?

There is no source link. Oh this mystery keeps getting more and more exciting.

Well, it's good to know this, I started doing it little by little but here we go, Hive has helped me a lot in buying my equipment to record my Violin, ufff you can't imagine how much it has helped me, thanks to Hive and people like you with a strong voting power and they vote for me hehehehe. I have a doubt if I add $5 per month or $2 to the savings, since having 100 HBD is a bit difficult but not impossible, will that then generate a credit to the savings account?

Yes if it is in hbd savings

Great advice sir. I have read, that compound interest is called the 8th Wonder of the World by some ;)

"In 2014 the UK government began to redeem old perpetual bonds, mostly dating back to World War I issues, but with some dating as far back as the Crimean and Napoleonic wars and even the South Sea Bubble crisis of 1720."


Just sit back, and imagine, the kind of wealth that was created by these.....

Una excelente explicación y prospección.

I think it's a great idea! 100% do it! lol

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