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Cubdefi was the best option after all

After a few other attempts to farm with other coins, I can truly say I wish I stayed into CUB farming from the last time I entered. Yes, I have one moment that I got out when price dropped hard, which was the best choice for me at that time as I couldn't leave the funds in for long term. BUT when I re-entered at 50 cents (or something in that range), I should have stayed where I was, rather than seeking higher rewards.

Lesson learned, I'm now back into CUB farming, and adding more liquidity every time I can.

Some help / advice needed

I can't say if this is an issue that has to do with the devices on my end, which would be strange because I tried on several, using several browsers and clearing all cookies and cache, reboot etc. BUT I have to ask because it annoys me if this doesn't get solved. Most-likely it's not a bug but a small thing I overlook in my browser settings? I can only find out if I ask, so here we go.

This issue I'm having now never occurred before during the other times I used Cubdefi, it's 100% a recent thing. I can go tot the home page, everything looks fine, and then I click on farms, all good still. I decided to add liquidity, so therefore I need to go to the exchange part of the site to divide my funds in the two needed coins.

So far, all goes smooth as always, next step is that I supply the two coins to get the LP tokens. And here things go wrong, when I want to go back to farms to add my liquidity to the chosen farm, I see a blank page. And it has nothing to do with Project Blank as far as I know haha, but it's very annoying. Refresh, refresh again, check cache, browser history, eat cookies, etc. You name it, I tried it and I can't seem to be able to open the farm page again. sigh.

I've tried on several devices and don't understand what's going wrong. Hopefully someone has the answer. Maybe I need to stick to a certain browser for Cubdefi? I don't know, I just know this didn't happen before and it's quite annoying so I thought I should address it. Advice is very welcome as I love to check the Cubdefi page a lot of times a day.. :-)

Price of CUB

I noticed that the price of cub mentioned on Cubdefi is not the same as the price in the exchange on cubdefi. On top of that the difference between the price on Cubdefi website vs Coingecko can differ 10 to 15 cents.

Current difference Coingecko vs Cubdefi. Earlier today the difference was a lot bigger. But still, it's almost 4 cents difference.

I think that's quite a lot and wonder if this can be fixed? When I want to add some liquidity I check the best way to move the funds there and it can differ a lot if I pick route A vs route B due to this price difference. I'm assuming I'm not the first one mentioning it so I'm hoping it's being worked on already. Tagging @leofinance here as well for visibility.

For the rest, happy to be a CUB farmer again!

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I am experiencing the same problem accessing the farms page. It's a pain due to repeating the process, but all I do is close the Cub tab on my laptop and reload the entire thing. Then I have access to farms again.

Sorry to say, but I'm glad I"m not the only one experiencing it as that means they will probably work on that issue. I noticed that closing the page helps indeed, but it's frustrating to repeat this every time I want to check something. Thanks for your comment, hopefully it gets solved asap :)

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The Farms page routinely goes blank. I go back to the home page and reload it from there. It works fine after that. For your other issue with the LP, I suggest taking some screen shots of the process and asking for help in tech support.

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Thanks for the comment, I'm glad to read I'm not the only one experiencing the issue, at least it's not something on my end that goes wrong then. Nothing went wrong with LP but I see how my words suggests it does. What I mean is that when going to farms to add the LP I can't access the page anymore (until closed, re-open yes). The process is annoying and I hope it will be fixed :)

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I made the same mistake and moved some funds around when I should have just left them invested in CUB. I think I am still doing pretty okay, but I could be doing better if I had just been patient.

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Yes exactly. Not moving them anymore now, only adding LP now :)

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I have a similar problem as yours. Refreshing pages don't always work for me. Most of time I need to go to the homepage and click on the kingdom or farm from here and everything goes smoothly.

I don't have a better option :')

I'm working this month and I hope I'll be able to put some money on CUB again ! If I can go with 100€ I'll love it !


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It should be fixed now! So that's great news:)
I hope you will manage to put some money in cub this month, thanks for your comment!

Oh ! Everything is cool though !

I hope too !

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hi im having the same issue but in liquidity pools, im in up to 800 usd and i daily keep one eye on it.
cant see the pageSin título.jpg

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Oh and thanks for the luv and pizza :) forgot to say that haha

The farm page have been broken for me for a while now :/

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Yes exactly what's happening here, and if you close the tab, and come back it works again, but only until other pages have been opened because then it refuses to open the farms page again. Hopefully, it's being worked on..