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Every day, I receive an average of 0.04 Hive as delegation rewards. This Hive is immediately sent to my savings every morning. Although I only started doing this about a week ago, I've accumulated over 1 Hive during this period.
Before then, I would just receive the Hive, treating it as nothing and then whenever I need to make a withdrawal, I would just add the little decimals and move on. I never saw my little gains as important.

One day, I woke up and while mentally calculating my goals for the year and how far I've gone, I realised I needed to start scalping and holding on to every gain that comes my way. So, that included my very little Hive. I needed to put it to good use because I now have a goal I'm working towards.

In the very beginning, I had always despised my little earnings here. If a post didn't get at least 30 Hive worth of upvotes, I felt like I had failed and had a useless day. But that wasn't the case. The upvotes are important, but they accumulate with consistency.

If I plan on being here for 5, 10 or even 20 years and I plan on maintaining a certain amount of energy and consistency, then I need to focus on what matters and that's creating good content every day and always being active here.

I learnt the hard way to stop despising my little earnings. I looked down on what I had and took it for granted. I withdrew everything whenever I had the chance because I felt it wasn't worth much. Now I know better. I might probably lose an arm before everything goes.

I appreciate my beginnings and the time I've spent learning and trying to navigate through the mess of my mind to maintain a certain kind of energy.

Hive makes the worth of little earnings obvious so I never overthink it. I'm here for a long time not just the good times. Although I have to admit that I need to get better with my work here but for now, I'll cherish my consistency.

Thanks for reading


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Very short but yet helpful and inspiring. The little things in life counts. It can build alot.

I haven't really made actions as regards to saving for now, maybe i will someday.

Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for stopping by. I can't go a day without adding something to my savings. Just makes me feel like I'm working towards something.

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Quite brief and precise. @young-boss-karin The little things all add up to that big figure. If we despise the humble or little times, we'd take the high places with levity

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You dey think like me sometimes.

I receive 0.14hive everyday from city for the past 5 months and was like how much will I make in a month?

To my surprise it was about 4 dollars.

I might just review my city and look for a way to increase it 10hive a month.

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Thank you for sharing this. I feel inspired to stay consistent and not despise the little earnings. Thank you.
Have a great day.

Little raindrops make an ocean no doubt. Being on hive makes me appreciate every cent that comes my way.

I know what you mean. Today it may be only decimals but, as you said, consistency is key and it all adds up so before you realize the fractions of tokens you accumulated every day will have turned into an impressive amount

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