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Howdy hiveans! Here responding to this week's activity, where we have to post our building improvements.

I had a hard time affording some of them. Although I'm not completely satisfied, I have what I need to keep competing on the board. I bought some packs and traded P2P on the discord (thanks @rollie1212 ).

In buying packs I was moderately lucky, neither very lucky nor do I feel any dissatisfaction. I opened 5 or 6 upgrade packs (I don't remember exactly, maybe more) and I got 3 or 4 pink ones, 2 or 3 blue ones, some green ones and many greys.

As I said I still have a long way to go to be comfortable, but I know that by writing about the game and ranking in the weekly challenges I can and will grow even more.


First I am going to show my Brew House

Brew House2.png

I was lucky enough to get an update here, the common brewery. I don't remember if I bought it or got it by opening packs.

This enhance come with the following open slots (unavailable to open them with CBM)

Brew House.png

Next, the water building, the responsible of life.

Water Tower.png

Here I was able to trade hand for hand a Dog for a CIP. Both have similar power, but I had two Dogs. I could use the other one too, as it serves for the Malt House and the Grain Field. But, water is everything and I didn't hesitate.

Restore Cost 0.31CBM
Finish Now Cost 0.79CBM
Time 0:29:55hs


Then we have the Yeast Academy.


Being the most expensive ingredient. I bought the microscope on the in-game market and the truth is that I paid very cheap (about 500cbm) and I had been lucky with other blue items and the staff at opening packs.

Restore Cost 3.04CBM
Finish Now Cost 6.02CBM
Time 3:49:51hs


Now the Hops Farm.


Although it is a key building, I didn't have too many more cards to add and I was already a little short of CBM but I was left wanting to invest a lot more in such an important building. Also i was wrong when i unlock an Item slot... I dont have any item yet, so that money goes to the toilette.

Restore Cost 1.95CBM
Finish Now Cost 3.67CBM
Time 2:09:58hs


The Grain Field.


Sadly this building is quite lacking, it is one that I don't rent very often because I had a HUGE stock of neutral materials (almost 100) and with the Enhancer I was transforming them into green over time so its weakness didn't impact me so strongly.

Restore Cost 0.9CBM
Finish Now Cost 1.64CBM


And finally the Malt House.


Also one of my weaknesses, no doubt my grain production is extremely inefficient at the moment. I hope to be able to access these improvements in the next few weeks.

Restore Cost 2.1CBM
Finish Now Cost 3.67CBM
Time 2:02:55hs

I asked rollie1212 for a purchase history for those of us who have no memory like me. As rollie also mentioned, I am missing a Head Brewer, I know and it pains me deeply.

There are also none available for purchase on the market =/

Well thats all for today! I hope you find this informative!

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