BurnSide Skatepark: An early morning, under the bridge.

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I lied.. this is my favorite park..

Video: Tour of the park & 30Minute Session

I have been an Oregonian for basically 30 years, and today is the first time in my life I had ever done more than look from the outside, in at this historical and world renowned skatepark that I have always known was there because of the first tonyhawk proskater game. check the "uses in media category" on the wiki.. this skatepark was also featured in Free Willy, and 2 other random things..

The reason that this was the first time I had ever been to the BurnSide skatepark, was because of a story that my friend Cory told me, about a friend of his who the local skateboarders bullied and put him in a trashcan and pee'd on him, and pushed him down the ramp..
Which is hilarious to reminisce about now, but it really was the typical atmosphere in the late 90's early 2000's at the skateparks.. it seemed like it was everybody Vs. the "fruitbooters"..
Thankfully after high school, and growing up a bit, it seems like the atmosphere has changed drastically, or maybe its just the time of day that I end up at these skateparks nowadays.. Either way.
Today I was blessed not only to have a walkthrough and tour, from a local OG skateboarder, as well as the opportunity to skate this park while it was completely empty! checkout the video!

Like the guy told me in the video I recorded, the paint at this park is constantly changing just like the concrete underneath it, just at a more rapid pace.. check out the image search in the hyperlink above!

It looks to me like this is the tool shed where the builders keep their tools for maintaining and building new additions. The guy that I met this morning was a bit confused as to the current layout/idea of the skatepark, and he disagreed with the design/concept of some of the features, but over all it is an overwhelmingly unique skatepark!


Judging by the artwork, alot of folks have come and gone. Burnside is 31 years old now i think, and if some of the folks who were first conceiving of the idea, and building this park in the early 90's were in their 20's or 30's .. than they are pushing the average age of expectance, especially for folks that are cut from this type of cloth. I think the reason this park holds the energy it does, is because people like these folks, have left so much of themselves underneath this bridge that has somewhat become a spiritual place.. and I seriously considered it an honor to be able to skate this park.









Man everything's so big wow! You are so lucky to be able to skate such spots dude! Loved the fact that you recorded the old school dude at the beggining explaining things and showing you around! This dude looks like he lived an epic life hehe!


Big Facts! The energy here at this park was crazy!!

Awesome man, such an iconic skatepark! So good you got to session it!

Yea man! That was amazing! And especially to have an old-school skater there to shoot the shit with and talk about the park.. that was epic!

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This is what he was talking about when he told me about John Cardiel.

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