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Miss me with this shit. I didn't know about, and I don't give a fuck about, whatever drama is encircling your account or your use of HIVE.

I literally couldn't give fewer fucks. Good luck in whatever the hell it is you do. Think twice about tag spam bullshit next time.




Thanks, at the expense of mentioning users probably I was wrong.

I am reluctantly upvoting out of support for your free speech, you will regrat this if you ever return to spamming as you have been accused of.

For now, we don't have problems, I suggest you commit to your passions in life and blog as much as you would like about things you are passionate about.

Please show me where his free speech has been taken away

It hasn't, I just want to see the account stay on the hive. Encouraging them in their time of atrophy.

Fair enough

I have involved myself at the core level of the downvote and abuse debacle, @antisocialist sent me down this trail. At a later date, this metadata will be useful for Hive's future forks and updates.

Dissent is essential to finding truth, anything less is an echo chamber.

Welcome to the center of the hive.
Tell your friends, we need more because the farmers just got a pay raise.

My mother might actually join, but she posts a lot of info that is arguably only for friends on Facebook, so I have to explain to her that there is no privacy on Hive.

Lol, perhaps she should explore furthering her education and documenting her progress on what she has learned?

If she is sharing her authentic self, she should do fine, that is, arguably, what we are here to do.

She can always edit any posts and take them down from the front page.

I'll let you decide if she needs to read this:


Try clicking 'Display Post'. You are in for a treat!

Hi @markymark,

So strangely enough #OCD has muted my comment to @cranium's post (as well as others comments) I'm just wondering why that is? ...and what that exactly means in relation to my account?

Why my comment and not all the others?

I don't like the idea of being singled out and if you read my comments (at the very bottom on @Peakd but just fine on @ecency) your going to see that it's a constructive comment and deserves to be ranked.

I think you(?) guys (Who exactly?) owe me (and everyone else that's been muted) an explanation... Yes?

We all (as Hive owners) pride ourselves in not censoring here on Hive... at least in regards to healthy interactions and behavior.

I do not (in any way) condone tagging every active user here on our Blockchain... But I also do not condone the censoring/dimming/ or dampening of peoples voices in the comments on those posts. Every person has the right to respond to this post as every person on Hive was pinged.

I await your (or who ever is the person who has done this) reply.

Thank you kindly,


Don't think we've muted your comments, though.

I’ll double check. Just wokeUP from a nights rest. If it’s still a problem I’ll share a screen capture of what it looks like from my end.

We've definitely not muted comments, I voted up a few, not sure if that's what you mean. It's kind of annoying the community activity page only shows when people follow and not when mutes happen, I can check with curators of OCD but I highly doubt they decided to randomly mute comments. I'm guessing OP must've muted some and that's why they show up like that as jarvie mentioned in another comment.

Also for your proof of sharing activities, have you registered with @poshtoken? We've updated a lot of things, the full announcement is still pending as we're waiting to do it with the airdrop at the same time but you can register by logging in with twitter on our website: if you haven't. You'll be able to earn some posh tokens for sharing hive links as long as it has a hive tag among many other things we'll announce soon.

PS. you're also not in our community's muted list.

If an author mutes you, Peakd will hide your comments (if you enabled the setting to hide author muted comments). I am not sure if this behavior is possible on as I don’t use it.

Could this be what you are seeing?

I don’t have any control who is muted outside of bringing someone’s rep to below zero with tons of downvotes. I don’t do anti abuse anymore and I don’t maintain a blacklist anymore.

Hi @themarkymark.

Thanks for your quick response to my inquiry.

Indeed, none of this was noted on Hive Blog or @ecency. It was only when I went to make use of the @Peakd platform that I noticed my comment (and many other legit comments from other accounts: like my friend @ervin-lemark as an example.) had selectively been relegated to the bottom and dimmed with a mute function.

The comment is currently covered up and a caption that states "Muted in OCD" is in it's place.

I find this strange and a bit disturbing as it should be EVERYONES comments and not a selected few as this encourages unfriendly behavior on the blockchain... which, in my opinion, can be as damaging as some of the other practices we downvote and don't like here on Hive.

Do you happen to know who is in charge of the #OCD project? And how in the world have they managed to do this when this post doesn't fall within the #OCD hashtag? Or does it?

Still... It doesn't feel right to dim voices of some while amplifying the voices of others (without the use of Hive Power... Which is one reason we all poweredUP in the fist place.)

I would really like to get to the bottom of this as it is, I believe, a major concern for the overall health of this social media blockchain.

Just because we can doesn't always mean we should...

P.S. To the #OCD operators I was actually considering delegating to your project because I liked what I was seeing from your posts and the support you were giving newbies and unrecognized posts... Now, to be honest, I am having second thoughts! THIS is certainly NOT what people will leave Social Media 2.0 platforms for. We have to default to a higher standard and show people that we are better. So far I'm not seeing it! Very disappointing to say the least...

P.S.S. As well... @PeakD @jarvie . Would you care to weigh in here as this functionality is ONLY capable on your version of the Hive Blockchain! I LOVE your approach to social on Hive... But this little bit I'm not so sure about.

Oh if it says muted in OCD that means you are muted by the OCD community and would need to ask in their discord.

One of the rules in the sidebar is no drama content, this is definitely it considering the amount of tags and attention craving on "censorship" when it comes to reward disagreement on someone who's apparently been farming it left and right.

Communities make their OWN decisions that's the price and awesomeness of TRUE ownership. So i think it may be @acidyo you'll link the post and we can look at the community... their muted comments or muted accounts are totally transparent.

On another note i post to communities that i know will do a good job muting spam and bots.

Hi @dickturnpin! I was just wondering what you think about all of this... you invited me into this comment for very good reasons and I respect your opinion a great deal.

Thank you!!!

Whoa! What a shitstorm this post has caused and not for the right reasons either!

I can understand why you tagged Every-man-and-his-dog because you wanted to get your message to every [active] user on Hive. The trouble is, the vast majority are just looking for ways to moan daily anyway, so your actions were just a golden opportunity for them plus, on the face of it, it endorses the accusations that you spam. (Spam, sigh, I do wish people knew what spam meant! Spam means untraceable communication, whereas the stuff most people really get is "Unsolicited" communication." a small distinction, but people should get it right.)

I like your post for two reasons.

Firstly, I do like the dual-language presentation. It might have been better with paragraphs rather than mirrored, but I applaud it. While I know there are hundreds if not thousands on Hive that are bi-lingual, I, for one, am a typical lazy Brit and only speak one language.

Secondly, I have no idea who you are or what you've done BUT it seems to me you've been (Hopefully?) open and honest about everything and laid your cards on the table. If people choose to ignore that because they feel they have some weird allegiance to 'celebrities' within the community, then I call "SHEEP!"

What the hell is Hive?

How weird is that? Over the past couple of weeks, I've been involved in several interesting debates vis vee Hive and FREEDOM. The community needs to decide if Hive is a freedom-loving decentralised platform or an autocracy? I do so love it when people lie to themselves by saying they believe in freedom and then, with the next breath, start laying down Codes of Conduct. It has me in hysterics when I see folk on Twitter saying: "Come to freedom-loving #Hive it's decentralised, and your posts cannot be censored, and nobody can close your account." and then the very same people are saying that they don't want the likes of Donald Trump on Hive. Bwahahaha.

Personally, I think the problem is crypto. If there were no financial rewards, just votes, I doubt anyone would give a damn what anybody did, but sadly, the moment money is involved, the the green-eyed monster raises its head and everyone's: "Hmm? That's earning a lot? Is it theirs? Who's voting for them? Whose account is that?" I can't be arsed to put that level of investigative work in. I will hold my hand up and say that I see many puerile, poor and minimalistic posts and scream, "HOW THE FOOK HAS THAT SHIT EARNED SO MUCH?" nobody seems to want to give a definitive answer to the question, "What is Hive?" is it a platform to make a living by blogging? Is it somewhere where people like me can vent their spleen and earn a few shekels here and there? Is it even a blogging platform? I'd say it no longer is now that people can post whatever medium they like, be it video, paintings, photos or even me singing in the bath (I don't actually have a bath). Please, Hive community, stop lying to me and yourselves; we're all in it for the money! There's no shame in that, and it's why you are here and not on Blogger or Tumblr. You came here to earn Crypto, so I'm not sure about berating someone for trying to maximise their return in a Free environment has any validity?

There's a good argument that Your content is your content you should be able to do whatever you like with your own content. So, for example, if you post a colour photo, there should be nothing stopping you the next day from posting the same photo but in black and white. After all, Andy Warhol did it. However, I can see how that might be classed as cheating, so yet again, I have to throw away my freedom values and accept rules.


Having spent the last half an hour trying to explain that "Freedom means free to do what you like." I have to say I'm still totally against multiple accounts, and holding 30, to be honest, makes me seeth with rage. Last week, a couple of individuals gave me what appeared to be valid reasons for having multiple accounts. While I was grudgingly willing to, shall we say, turn a blind eye, I still really hate it, so, therefore, I too do not truly believe in freedom. 🙁

I'm going to upvote you for your honesty and your right to free speech. I just wish there had been a better way you could have gone about it.



and not just a few words but well-written words and a LOT of them.

I saw this post this morning and the format he did on the dual language thing was made pretty standard a long time ago....... this way you just stay in your lane when reading and you don't feel left out.

Your comment should have been a post.

As always you look at all sides and speak many truths.

Thank YOU for that!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I considered making it a post halfway through, but! I then considered that possibly half (4000?) or more of the accounts that were tagged might hopefully still be intrigued enough to continue keeping one eye on the developing conversation and so, therefore, posting in the comments section of cranium's post would get my message in front of far more eyes that 150 - 200 that glance at my stuff now and again. 🤣

See, I'm just as bad as everyone else. Even I look at ways of harvesting followers. Bwahaha


Forever the head of a company :D It is your curse?

Happy Wednesday!!

I go with that. And I know what it means to have multiple accounts and especially because of freedom of speech. But I give a damn about milking rewards. @cranium, if you want rewards, go find some fans and supporters. Being your own best fan with 30 personalities will certainly leave you lonely eventually. My kudos to @dickturpin's comment !ENGAGE 20


Thanks for reading the post and comments. I appreciate your opinion.

If there is such a comment under the text, then the text was definitely not written in vain!

Let's continue our discussion about 30 accounts. On the one hand, it seems to me that 30 accounts is an overkill. But on the other hand, it is not enough for me, for example, to have one account. I have many interests, many roles, and perhaps even several personalities. Therefore, I need at least 3-5 accounts. I feel cramped in one account.

Now back to 30 accounts. If I feel cramped in one account, and good in three or five, can I condemn people who are good in 30 accounts?

I have only one account, and I don't need any more than one account. I don't pretend to be someone else or hide behind a fake persona. Where it's possible, I always give my real name against any nick/username, although to be honest, I've used dickturpin or dick_turpin for over 20 years, so most people know it's me.

Having said all that, I have recently started using SredniVashtar on XMPP and IRC and my Friendica instance, but again, all my friends know it's me.

Its not too difficult to assume that @amphlux and @amphlux.dlux might both be owned by the same person, me. There are technical blockchain related reasons to have more than one account, just saying.

Yep. That's what @erh.germany or @wil.metcalfe said to me (Can't remember which one, I have a terrible short term memory). The reason they have extra accounts is to ensure Hive doesn't get involved or something? I have no interest in the technical stuff of Hive and the intricacies of voting on a Tuesday while standing on one leg and reciting The Free Software Song staring unblinkingly for ten minutes at a picture of Joey Ramone.
I simply like to write stuff. 😉

I am, of course, a hypocrite too! I can't exactly evangelise about FREEDOM and then demand that people with multiple accounts should be burnt at the stake. 🤣

image source

I have only one account, to make that clear :)

HaHa, we are all hypocrites. :D

It really depends on which perspective you take, that of one individual (yourself) or that of many others. Multiple accounts are an impossibility in real life because you only have one body with which to do business and actions. In the virtual world, however, such a thing is possible. Of course, you know that.

Box of Pandora?
Since such a thing is now possible and there is no way to prevent it, unless you make the entry level so high that, for example, in order to register an account, you either require verification via an identity document or a purchase for a large sum (which would still not prevent someone with a lot of money from buying multiple accounts). Usually, the reason for pseudonyms is that, for example, an author was politically persecuted and therefore had to do without his or her real name. Anonymity in a world where a person had to fear for his life or his financial stability and reputation is important. Keyword "whistleblower".

But the fact that one maintains several accounts on Hive is probably more of a fun element or an experiment on the part of the person acting. Or, unfortunately, also to enrich oneself personally through circle voting without having to rely on other users. Personally, I would consider it too much energy expenditure to maintain more than one account.

The problem with multiple fake accounts is that it can distort and influence processes in such a way that, for example, opinion-forming online can be extremely manipulated. Just imagine that a single person creates hundreds of accounts and then uses them to manipulate an election. Bot farms are an expression of this phenomenon. From my point of view, it is control fanatics who use something like this. Or fools who want to shake up the world. Of course, it is the fools who often point out a flaw in the system.

Therefore, the election of witnesses is not completely secure here either. Who wants to know how many individuals cast their vote through multiple accounts? Question still remains, if the opposite forces (also holding multiple accounts) still balance things out.

Lord Voldemort, however, finally failed in cutting his soul into seven pieces :)

Great points listed here. And I too only have 1 posting account on HIVE, this one, and my alt accounts are named the same name just with a tag at the end.

For me, alt accounts are mostly there for security, technical and yea, fun reasons. But your point does stand. I wouldn't be so much worried about 1 person making 10 accounts to sway/influence, I would be more worried about a crew of 10 people making a few hundred accounts to swap opinion. That's when it gets scary.

Thanks :)
I'm also not that concerned about an individual having multiple accounts. I'm convinced anyway that there are always only a few criminals and most people stick to rules or if not, they don't do much harm. The scenario you describe is also possible, of course. When things like this happen, that a few exert influence on a great many people, I make a point of not believing certain news and messages or think they smell bad. I am often sceptical and do not immediately believe everything that the trend picks up or spreads, especially when little seems allowed outside the trend.
People are not stupid, unfortunately they are often too afraid to go against a trend or to seek their interest elsewhere because they don't want to be marginalised. Which is also understandable.

What do you mean by technical or security reasons for the other accounts?

The biggest reasons for me to have more than 1 HIVE account are technical and security reasons. I wanted to spin up a node just to see if I could, but I didn't want to use my main overall @amphlux HIVE account to do so. (I didn't want to use my accounts keys, specifically) So for a tech/security reason, I made @amphlux.dlux for that node. There are a few more reasons I could list for having alt accounts, but we are semi talking about 2 different things here. I'm pretty sure you mean "having more than 1 account that you actively post with maybe even with different personas"

I do understand your point, don't get me wrong. I am @amphlux and I have been since 2006. It is my name on the online world, and its pretty easy to search around and find who the person is behind the name, I'm pretty open about it.

I've added you to my "Bad Boys" list. bwahahaha

I'm more concerned about the circle jerk voting, to be honest, and the possibility that some of the 'extra' accounts could get votes if they post, which in turn would increase their voting power for their own upvoting of the main account.

As I said, I shouldn't moan, really, given my views on Freedom. 🤣

Well maybe if I give ya some !LUV and !PIZZA you will forgive me :D

@dickturpin, you were given LUV from @amphlux. About LUV:

I’m the one with 3+ accounts. My intended use is for branding purposes. Different entities with different functionalities deserve their own account. For example: @BeachReady is a fitness company dedicated to Reps. @AdventureReady is a fitness company dedicated to Steps. And @OneMoreNutrition (a newer account I’m still developing more) is a nutrition company dedicated to... well! Nutrition! These are good examples of legitimate reasons to have other accounts are they not? 😉

I only have one account also........

okay I have was for posting gaming videos cuz at the time peeps didn't like it when you posted blog posts with "I am live playing XYZ" but I lost the keys to that account :D and yes, got yelled at by the big Guy........... who in turn now has a spare set of my keys :D

I do not have time for more than one account. Plus I have nothing to hide.

I also do not urge to hide behind different nicknames and accounts. But when a person is interested in different things, for example, physics, baking pies and breeding ants, then writing about all this from one account will not be very appropriate. As the author himself will be uncomfortable, so will his readers.

But thats where tags come in and communities. You can create a community for each subject and post relevant topics from there.

Thanks for the awesome comment !!! Now I am at a loss, I can not decide which is better than your comment or my message.
I decided - your comment! As long as there are people like you who are not sorry to spend time writing such a masterpiece, HIVE has a future.

It would seem only the naughty boys (are you naughty?) rave about my contributions (Apart from my longtime supporter, you know who you are). If only I were that good, I wouldn't still be a smidge up from krill surviving on delegations after being on Steem then Hive since 2017 😉 🤣

I just like posting now and again. It's not my source of income, and I like earning the odd groat for what I post. I'm not going to lie. Yes, I'd love to be up there in the $100 plus reward bracket, but I'm not, so there's no point in worrying about it or trying to find ways to stop others from earning those levels. I can be a twat sometimes, but I come from the FOSS community, so I know about freedom, free software yadder yadder and therefore have over 20 years of experience discussing freedom of choice.

The reply I gave wasn't a phishing exercise. I truly believe in and stand behind every word I wrote.

Good Luck with fighting the 2% with all the power “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” 😉

Probably, I already got even more than I expected. I am not so much worried about the deprivation of awards for publications, as much as the fact that this is another fate, which I cannot ignore - I will have to change something in my pleasant routine.

Whatever drama or beef you had with these people, you just pissed off a whole lot more people with needless pings. I don't downvote often, but when I do, it's for shit like this.

Thanks for this :)

Congratulations you got my 2nd downvote till now. Your mistake with this post is tagging 4k people... your mistake in hive - 3 posts are 2 posts too many... if average I say there are 400 words in each of them then that's about 1200 words and you're burning your energy more... if shorter than 400, then you're just trying to grab money without putting in much effort... 500 to 600 words in 1 post and publish once in 24hours is more than enough... you chose poorly dude... you just wrote a "how to crash and burn with a single post" manual here...

I would very much enjoy seeing you reply all the people here 🤣 good luck

I would very much enjoy seeing you reply all the people here 🤣 good luck

this. this is exactly my 1st thought.

well... at least he's replying which is good


How could you doubt it?

Thank you, that's what I'm doing now. Despite the mass of criticism, I received 100 more attention than I ever received.

you know at first I thought that I may have been too harsh because I didn't read any of your posts prior to this mass call... even I have read other people's comments as well saying that you're a great person and you help out a lot of people...

but seeing that same 100 words written over and over and over again I don't know what else I can say.

Check out the messages a week earlier. Just for fun. These messages were on the eve of my son's 5th birthday, when I was busy and did not have time, and did not want to interrupt my relay race of 3 posts per day.

There were only so many things you could do... you could've skipped one or two days as you were busy... writing or blogging is not a race... think of it as a tower... you lay your foundation using good quality cement, concrete, sand, rod and other things and you make it strong... or else the tower falls tragically due to faulty materials

I think I have said more than enough

Yes, you described everything perfectly except that this is already the past, which is unrealistic to change ... Anyway - thanks!

Sorry but I gotta disagree.. the "How to crash and burn with a single post" manual was designed, authored and published by Jerry Banfield

damn it... should have known there's already an existing manual

The number you're trying to reach has a voice mailbox that has not been set up yet.

We have been trying to reach you about your extended service warranty. Press 1 to speak to an operator and renew before it's too late!


That has to be the most outta control soliciting robot of our lifetime.


I've seen you guys around here a couple times now. I've been meaning to tell you I love the gimmick. Stick up with the stick-wear.. it's one of those things that's so simple but only after the fact when I'm "dammit! I shoulda thought of that."

Great idea @stickupboys.

hey thanks a lot we are primarily music producers lol then we got into gifs a few months ago and are enjoying making them!Then a few people asked us to make them some and it has kind of gone from there.... we became accredited a few weeks ago and now have 1.4mil views...

Congratulations! Attention well deserved.

I caught a couple different videos awhile back, that's where i first saw the name. The whole thing is working well, good idea. Gas pedal.

Pleasure to be met.

Thank you so much we spent 20 years in studio writing and producing so it is nice to be out and about!

The number you're trying to reach has a voice mailbox that has not been set up yet.

But, I have never received so many comments before. I think that such a massive mention nevertheless coped with the main purpose of the message - it drew attention.

..the main purpose of the message.

Look, I mean no disrespect, until now I didn't know you exist. But if the main purpose of your article was to have someone like me drop a smart ass comment after skipping the entire thing due to an uninvited mass-spam disappointment to which now each of those mass-spammed names (which is a shitload!) will likely avoid your content at all costs, mission accomplished.

Have a nice week.

Thank you! Great goal :)

Not all attention is good attention.

Not all attention is good attention.

Perhaps, but I don't think so.

Catch a clue

And you actually think people read this… damn, I feel sorry for you.

I thank you for your pity. Do you think that if no one had read this message, 460 comments would have been collected?

90% of those people left comments because you mass tagged the entire hive. Catch a clue and stop acting like you did something good for the community. You annoyed the shit out of many people. Act right

Posted via D.Buzz

Count me to the 10 % :)

I understood that, I am not going to repeat it anymore. But, I can't change anything, except to give people answers to their comments.

DAMN! This is the highest tag I have seen. Okay, whatever you did, there are better ways to prove a point, and reading what you said in this post, I feel the whole tagging for the world to see is not necessary. There is nothing an honest dialogue can't solve. I have had my share of wrong doing here on hive and I own and admitted my wrong (I think about that event each time I create a new post and I'm grateful that event happened because it made me even better at what I do), have dialogues with the individuals involved, if there is something you need to do to redeem yourself just do it and prove yourself worthy enough. The tags are just not necessary, I hope you find solace in all you do. Thanks

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and write such a meaningful comment!

LOL - too bad you tagged everyone. I agree they've lost their minds and perspective and have poor justification for calling people they don't like spammers and scammers, but your message is going to get lost because of tagging everyone.


Thanks for reading, If I hadn't tagged everyone I would never have received so much attention and feedback! It's nice that there are people who have read this post. The more people read it, the more justified it was to mention all these active users.

I’d just give it some time and try to talk with people about and gaining allies who may be able to get these guys off your back. They usually let up after a while if you don’t piss them off too bad.

Sucks what happened but tagging so many people probably hurt more than it helped. A lot of people probably don’t know you well enough to trust that this is the whole story, and so that’s probably why they are annoyed. I mean, I always got a good impression from you but I don't know you al that well so when I see you tag this many people I can only imagine it annoying some of them, and maybe making the bullies angrier.

Good luck. Hope you stay. I don’t think there is much I can do but if you decide to stay I’ll keep giving you votes when I see a decent post

It was for the sake of such comments that it was worth mentioning all the active users that I could find. I will stay on HIVE for a long time as a curator and player in various crypto games, but with blogging on this account, after this post, I definitely gave up.