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The number you're trying to reach has a voice mailbox that has not been set up yet.


We have been trying to reach you about your extended service warranty. Press 1 to speak to an operator and renew before it's too late!


That has to be the most outta control soliciting robot of our lifetime.


I've seen you guys around here a couple times now. I've been meaning to tell you I love the gimmick. Stick up with the stick-wear.. it's one of those things that's so simple but only after the fact when I'm "dammit! I shoulda thought of that."

Great idea @stickupboys.

hey thanks a lot we are primarily music producers lol then we got into gifs a few months ago and are enjoying making them!Then a few people asked us to make them some and it has kind of gone from there.... we became accredited a few weeks ago and now have 1.4mil views...

Congratulations! Attention well deserved.

I caught a couple different videos awhile back, that's where i first saw the name. The whole thing is working well, good idea. Gas pedal.

Pleasure to be met.

Thank you so much we spent 20 years in studio writing and producing so it is nice to be out and about!

The number you're trying to reach has a voice mailbox that has not been set up yet.

But, I have never received so many comments before. I think that such a massive mention nevertheless coped with the main purpose of the message - it drew attention.

..the main purpose of the message.

Look, I mean no disrespect, until now I didn't know you exist. But if the main purpose of your article was to have someone like me drop a smart ass comment after skipping the entire thing due to an uninvited mass-spam disappointment to which now each of those mass-spammed names (which is a shitload!) will likely avoid your content at all costs, mission accomplished.

Have a nice week.

Thank you! Great goal :)

Not all attention is good attention.

Not all attention is good attention.

Perhaps, but I don't think so.

Catch a clue

And you actually think people read this… damn, I feel sorry for you.

I thank you for your pity. Do you think that if no one had read this message, 460 comments would have been collected?

90% of those people left comments because you mass tagged the entire hive. Catch a clue and stop acting like you did something good for the community. You annoyed the shit out of many people. Act right

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Count me to the 10 % :)

I understood that, I am not going to repeat it anymore. But, I can't change anything, except to give people answers to their comments.