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I am reluctantly upvoting out of support for your free speech, you will regrat this if you ever return to spamming as you have been accused of.

For now, we don't have problems, I suggest you commit to your passions in life and blog as much as you would like about things you are passionate about.


Please show me where his free speech has been taken away

It hasn't, I just want to see the account stay on the hive. Encouraging them in their time of atrophy.

Fair enough

I have involved myself at the core level of the downvote and abuse debacle, @antisocialist sent me down this trail. At a later date, this metadata will be useful for Hive's future forks and updates.

Dissent is essential to finding truth, anything less is an echo chamber.

Welcome to the center of the hive.
Tell your friends, we need more because the farmers just got a pay raise.

My mother might actually join, but she posts a lot of info that is arguably only for friends on Facebook, so I have to explain to her that there is no privacy on Hive.

Lol, perhaps she should explore furthering her education and documenting her progress on what she has learned?

If she is sharing her authentic self, she should do fine, that is, arguably, what we are here to do.

She can always edit any posts and take them down from the front page.

I'll let you decide if she needs to read this:

It's even closer than he thought, #11 is also true, with the memo field arguably all of us have access to an encrypted and private medium of exchange. It's not very accessible tho. I should make people pay for this info, but a lot of people have given stuff free on the hive, the memo field could just be used as the default post, then adding in the code to memo field transactions would be possible on a per post level.

as for #16 ZK-Channels has a private Point of Sale system being worked on, I am convinced they are winners and have the potential to compete with microsoft.


Try clicking 'Display Post'. You are in for a treat!

Hi @markymark,

So strangely enough #OCD has muted my comment to @cranium's post (as well as others comments) I'm just wondering why that is? ...and what that exactly means in relation to my account?

Why my comment and not all the others?

I don't like the idea of being singled out and if you read my comments (at the very bottom on @Peakd but just fine on @ecency) your going to see that it's a constructive comment and deserves to be ranked.

I think you(?) guys (Who exactly?) owe me (and everyone else that's been muted) an explanation... Yes?

We all (as Hive owners) pride ourselves in not censoring here on Hive... at least in regards to healthy interactions and behavior.

I do not (in any way) condone tagging every active user here on our Blockchain... But I also do not condone the censoring/dimming/ or dampening of peoples voices in the comments on those posts. Every person has the right to respond to this post as every person on Hive was pinged.

I await your (or who ever is the person who has done this) reply.

Thank you kindly,


Don't think we've muted your comments, though.

I’ll double check. Just wokeUP from a nights rest. If it’s still a problem I’ll share a screen capture of what it looks like from my end.

We've definitely not muted comments, I voted up a few, not sure if that's what you mean. It's kind of annoying the community activity page only shows when people follow and not when mutes happen, I can check with curators of OCD but I highly doubt they decided to randomly mute comments. I'm guessing OP must've muted some and that's why they show up like that as jarvie mentioned in another comment.

Also for your proof of sharing activities, have you registered with @poshtoken? We've updated a lot of things, the full announcement is still pending as we're waiting to do it with the airdrop at the same time but you can register by logging in with twitter on our website: if you haven't. You'll be able to earn some posh tokens for sharing hive links as long as it has a hive tag among many other things we'll announce soon.

PS. you're also not in our community's muted list.

Hi and thank you for taking the time to read and respond @acidyo. This is what I'm currently seeing on the @peakd site. 👇
We are waaaaaaaay down at the bottom of this posts comments. Not a good look at all. Would you look into this further?

As well! Thank you for letting me know about @poshtoken. I'm always sharing my posts via my Twitter accounts so this is a good idea! I'll be looking into all things Posh. 👍

If an author mutes you, Peakd will hide your comments (if you enabled the setting to hide author muted comments). I am not sure if this behavior is possible on as I don’t use it.

Could this be what you are seeing?

I don’t have any control who is muted outside of bringing someone’s rep to below zero with tons of downvotes. I don’t do anti abuse anymore and I don’t maintain a blacklist anymore.

Hi @themarkymark.

Thanks for your quick response to my inquiry.

Indeed, none of this was noted on Hive Blog or @ecency. It was only when I went to make use of the @Peakd platform that I noticed my comment (and many other legit comments from other accounts: like my friend @ervin-lemark as an example.) had selectively been relegated to the bottom and dimmed with a mute function.

The comment is currently covered up and a caption that states "Muted in OCD" is in it's place.

I find this strange and a bit disturbing as it should be EVERYONES comments and not a selected few as this encourages unfriendly behavior on the blockchain... which, in my opinion, can be as damaging as some of the other practices we downvote and don't like here on Hive.

Do you happen to know who is in charge of the #OCD project? And how in the world have they managed to do this when this post doesn't fall within the #OCD hashtag? Or does it?

Still... It doesn't feel right to dim voices of some while amplifying the voices of others (without the use of Hive Power... Which is one reason we all poweredUP in the fist place.)

I would really like to get to the bottom of this as it is, I believe, a major concern for the overall health of this social media blockchain.

Just because we can doesn't always mean we should...

P.S. To the #OCD operators I was actually considering delegating to your project because I liked what I was seeing from your posts and the support you were giving newbies and unrecognized posts... Now, to be honest, I am having second thoughts! THIS is certainly NOT what people will leave Social Media 2.0 platforms for. We have to default to a higher standard and show people that we are better. So far I'm not seeing it! Very disappointing to say the least...

P.S.S. As well... @PeakD @jarvie . Would you care to weigh in here as this functionality is ONLY capable on your version of the Hive Blockchain! I LOVE your approach to social on Hive... But this little bit I'm not so sure about.

Oh if it says muted in OCD that means you are muted by the OCD community and would need to ask in their discord.

One of the rules in the sidebar is no drama content, this is definitely it considering the amount of tags and attention craving on "censorship" when it comes to reward disagreement on someone who's apparently been farming it left and right.


Communities make their OWN decisions that's the price and awesomeness of TRUE ownership. So i think it may be @acidyo you'll link the post and we can look at the community... their muted comments or muted accounts are totally transparent.

On another note i post to communities that i know will do a good job muting spam and bots.

It's just this post that is muted due to the rule of no drama content.

Hi @dickturnpin! I was just wondering what you think about all of this... you invited me into this comment for very good reasons and I respect your opinion a great deal.

Thank you!!!