#RockClassics&#MetalWeekend - 25 years anniversary of Marilyn Manson top album

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25 years ago, Marilyn Manson released one of the best albums of all time, and maybe his best album, Antichrist Superstar.

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Why do I say that it is one of the best metal albums ever? Well, first it shaped the industrial genre like no one else. It is so brutal and rough, like only industrial metal can be.

Marilyn's voice is defining the sound, and I can't imagine the genre without him.

Some called this album the death of grunge, and maybe it was the death of it. Since then, the music shifted more to industrial and not many grunge bands developed some albums worth mentioning. Except Pearl Jam, of course.

This album drove a lot of attention, also from other organizations that tried to forbid it, as it was too shocking. Well, in a country where nudity and a beer is shocking, but not a semi-automatic in the hand, everything is possible.

So, happy anniversary for this masterpiece!

Enjoy listening!

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You wrote "Mason" instead of Manson in the title.

The only song I currently know from Marilyn Manson is the Resident Evil Main Theme from 2002. The funny thing is the fact that most people probably do not even know that the theme song of that movie is from Marilyn Manson.

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