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I just finished a 6.139km hiking that lasted about 1hh:44mm:11ss !


Shots in the dark ...
Relax, nothing strange has happened in my neighbourhood, I just went out this afternoon for a walk with the dog and I thought the color of the city was beautiful at the moment when the sun disappeared over the horizon.
Unfortunately, my old iPhone 7 is crying out for retirement but I'm lazy enough to just go buy another one.
Not for the price, with only a small part of my earnings in crypto I could pay it without problems. The problem is everything that this little device has stored throughout its 5 years of life ...
I know that IPhone is always easy when it comes to transferring information from your old terminal to the new one but I am still quite lazy to do it ...
Anyway, the photos weren't that bad, right? what do you think? Can I still survive with my old cell phone?



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I changed my smartphone lately as well. Back to Samsung. Never owned an iPhone though. It took me a whole afternoon to set it up, but I had no other option. Saved the other one as a spare. It was a about half a year old. Considering it's night time, your phone takes good photos.

Thanks for the feedback but I don't they are good pics, still the phone seems have done them well 😄

Beyond the quality of the photos, the issue here is more for something sentimental, something like this happened to me with my old LG and the truth is that it was already old and asked me to replace it, it was a difficult decision, but the truth is that there are certain things that are very valuable to us and perhaps we prefer to keep them for that reason.

In case of changing your phone, do you have one that you like?

Yes, always iPhone, maybe the last one, I don't know but these devices are the best IMO

Nah pictures are fine!
You can still keep your iphone for a bit more! But I get you, it's soooooo boring to change things from one phone to another...

The picture you shared looks very good friend

Definitely, after seeing how the photos are in the post, I MUST change my phone 😂

It's night time. Try snapseed if you're unhappy.