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"You don't need to set an alarm, I'll be awake till morning to wake you up"

Those were the reassuring words of my kid sister.

"Please Make sure you wake me up by 4am, i need to leave here latest 5am"

I said as I slept off comfortably with hope that I had a standby alarm to wake me up.


I jumped up from bed, looked at the wall clock and I screamed. On my left was my sister, my so called stand by alarm snoring away her life. I was totally late for my journey. I rushed to the shower then washed my mouth, prepared and rushed out of the house. It Was Going To Be A 5hour journey and I planned to come back that same day. I needed to be in the other state as early as possible because I had to go to the bank over there. Since Covid, if you are not in the bank as early as 7am, you might wait in a queue the whole day, and sometimes you might not get attended to.


I finally arrived the park and the bus was about leaving. Meanwhile a pretty young lady was sitting next to me. Normally I would have made approaches towards her and try to start a conversation, but at that moment I was really angry because I'm very late already.


One hour into our journey, we were yet to leave the state I'm traveling from, we were at a four corner junction when our car forcefully collided with keke Napep [Tricycle], the driver lost control of the car and finally ended up in a gutter, while the keke Napep summersaulted and ended upside down. It was A terrible experience. We were all fine in our car except for minor bruises and bleeding. But I can't say the same for the passengers in the Tricycle. There was A pregnant woman there, who was bleeding profusely from her legs which looked like they were going to divide in two. Writing about this now gives me goose pimples because the sight was horrible. We helped the passengers of the tricycle to get out of the vehicle and some volunteers rushed the pregnant woman to the hospital. All I kept praying for was her unborn baby to be save.


That was the time I got back home from my journey. It was one hell of a day. The bank didn't make it easier for me either. I told my family members about my encounter and they rejoiced and praise God for my safety. I decided to take a picture to mark the day I had an accident. I already clicked the picture when my sister called from behind and said


"Don't Worry LIFE IS GREAT"


Wow what a story to tell us that Life is indeed great.

I think you have the best alarm clock though, she was snoring 🙃 and you heard her and woke up early enough to still come back that same day.

That accident scene seem like I was there, so imaginable and very pitiful for the pregnant woman. She would need assistance for some time because of her broken leg 😒

Please that picture is not clear, I want to see your face well 😏 traveler

Hope you brought bread sha, don't give excuse that it was too late to get bread 😑🤨

🤣 When did this get this long? 🙄 🤪🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️







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