The Small Photogenic Chapel of Plana

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Greetings, photography enthusiasts!

Maybe some of you recall, that I have told you before about this small and beautiful, so photogenically amazing chapel called Plana, near the village with the same name, located at the mountain with the same name, Plana :)

I would like to show you today few more photos from there, as I often enjoy the pictures I've created around, browsing the area, and patiently waiting for the night to come.

Of course, planning ahead is very important because for great night shots we need either a New Moon (or the couple of days around it) or a night when the Moon is set so all the light comes only from the stars. And the falling meteors, hopefully :) So today, I browsed through my photos from there and processed few of them. Enjoy :)

By the way, even if you get there not on the "best" day, there is still plenty to discover around, it is a beautiful mountain that allows for calm and rather easy hiking, no huge preparation necessary. ;) Or you could just have a small picnic at the benches under the shadows of the old tree next to the chapel...














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