Architecture and Clouds - TRAVEL CONTEST #11 and winners from CONTEST #9

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Hi, lovers of city walks!

You are kindly invited to participate in edition #11 of TRAVEL CONTEST and the theme today is "Architecture and Clouds" :)

Won't you agree sometimes a simple walk in the city puts us in great angles to see the combination of interesting cloud formations and what architects and builders have achieved?

Feel free to interpret the theme in every way you like, I hope to inspire more people to join this edition of the contest!

Please read the rules carefully before applying! ;)
Scroll down please, to check the winners announcement!


  1. One entry per person.
  2. To enter, upload your photo(s) and text into the comment section below. There's no need to create a separate post.
  3. In order to be considered, an entry should consist of at least one photo and your personal story/info/memory.
  4. All the photos you use to enter the contest must be your own and taken by yourself.
  5. All the text you enter must be written by yourself in English.
  6. Deadline: One week starting from the datetime of the contest announcement.
  7. No NSFW content.


  • One Winner will be set as 40% beneficiary of the post including the winners announcement.
  • One Honorable Mention will be set as 10% beneficiary of the post including the winners announcement.
  • All winners and mentioned will be rewarded one HBI each. You haven't heard of HBI before? Check out this:
  • All winning and mentioned accounts will be followed, periodically reviewed and their best works upvoted.


  • If you decide to create a separate post, you may include the link to it inside your entry but that post won't be considered as part of the contest entry itself.
  • Please be fair! If you have multiple accounts, enter the contest with only one of them. All abusers will be permanently banned from the contest.
  • Plagiarism will be reported.
  • All upvotes and reblogs are highly and kindly welcome as they will allow for more, better and bigger prizes in the future ;)
  • This contest is a work-in-progress! I want it to be awesome, so all your feedback, ideas and criticism are always welcome!
  • All delegations are warmly welcome, with the bigger HP more quality entries will have proper votes on them! :)
  • Would you fancy becoming a judge to a specific edition? Come out with an interesting theme, select the winners and you will be rewarded with 20% of the rewards from the announcement post!
  • By entering the contest you hereby implicitly agree that Travel Contest may use one image from your entry post in a next post, only for the purpose of the contest itself.

Here are our winners and mentioned today. Enjoy!

  • Congrats, @marc-allaria, you are the big winner! :) You are now 40% beneficiary of this post and I'm also sending you shortly 1 HBI share!


  • The Honorable mention goes to you, @wesphilbin :) You are now 10% beneficiary of this post and I'm also sending you shortly 1 HBI share!


  • One extra honorable mention goes to @victorbz and that's a prize of 1 HBI share!


Thanks so much to everyone who supports the contest by participating, upvoting and reblogging! All the best!




Dear @marc-allaria, @wesphilbin and @victorbz, once again congrats! Your HBI shares are on their way, you should be able to enjoy them within few hours :)

Screenshot (72).png

Thank you for the extra mention last time, and here's my entry for this theme: a striking lookout tower next to a huge heart-shaped cloud. More details in this post if you are interested.

And in my last post, I happened to post some photos of architecture and clouds too. Hope you will enjoy them. :)

The first picture reminds me of the Pacman game :) Like the chewing circle is going up a ladder :D

I was thinking of the same thing!! :D

!giphy cheers


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thank you !

Hello, here's my entry for the challenge 💥📸🖤


Standing directly in front of the huge DC Tower in Vienna is truly a breathtaking experience 😯 For this composing I tried to make the building look kinda threatening and even more futuristic 🚀

thank you very much !


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Greeting all.

This is my entry for Architecture and Clouds theme .
The San Felipe Neri Parish Church , one of beautiful church in Manila Philippine.


Unfortunately you missed the deadline ;)
Here is something to cheer you up thought!


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OMG . I miss it again.. Never mind. i ll make it for the next one :). Here some !PIZZA


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