Green Day - TRAVEL CONTEST #7 and winners from CONTEST #5

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Hi, lovers of travel and photography!

You are kindly invited to take part in edition #7 of TRAVEL CONTEST and the theme today is "Green Day" :)

Feel free to interpret the theme in every way you like, I hope to inspire more people to join this edition of the contest!

Please read the rules carefully before applying ;)
Scroll down please, to check the winners announcement!


  1. One entry per person.
  2. To enter, upload your photo(s) and text into the comment section below. There's no need to create a separate post.
  3. In order to be considered, an entry should consist of at least one photo and your personal story/info/memory.
  4. All the photos you use to enter the contest must be your own and taken by yourself.
  5. All the text you enter must be written by yourself.
  6. Deadline: One week starting from the datetime of the contest announcement.
  7. No NSFW content.


  • One Winner will be set as 40% beneficiary of the post including the winners announcement.
  • One Honorable Mention will be set as 10% beneficiary of the post including the winners announcement.
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  • If you decide to create a separate post, you may include the link to it inside your entry but that post won't be considered as part of the contest entry itself.
  • Please be fair! If you have multiple accounts, enter the contest with only one of them. All abusers will be permanently banned from the contest.
  • Plagiarism will be reported.
  • All upvotes and reblogs are highly and kindly welcome as they will allow for more, better and bigger prizes in the future ;)
  • This contest is a work-in-progress! I want it to be awesome, so all your feedback, ideas and criticism are always welcome!
  • All delegations are warmly welcome, with the bigger HP more quality entries will have proper votes on them! :)
  • Would you fancy becoming a judge to a specific edition? Come out with an interesting theme, select the winners and you will be rewarded with 20% of the rewards from the announcement post!
  • By entering the contest you hereby implicitly agree that Travel Contest may use one image from your entry post in a next post, only for the purpose of the contest itself.

Here are our winners and mentioned today. Once again, I decided that the big winner will get 2 of them HBI shares! Enjoy!

  • Congrats, @victorbz, you are the winner! So much happiness and joy in your photograph! :) You are now 40% beneficiary of this post and I'm also sending you shortly 2 HBI shares!


  • The Honorable mention goes to @xaviduran :) You are now 10% beneficiary of this post and I'm also sending you shortly 1 HBI share!

Nit de Sant Joan 237.jpg

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Dear @victorbz, @xaviduran, @vcclothing, @doziekash, @tommyl33 and @irisworld - once again congrats! Your HBI shares are on their way, you should be able to enjoy them within few hours :)

Screenshot (62).png

Looking forward to enjoy your next entries!

wiiii thanks so much :).

Thanks A lot. I really appreciate you giving us the opportunity to share our memories.

Thank you very much 🙌

Oh!!! Thanks a lot!😍

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My contribution to the contest is this image taken at the deep forest in the Azorian Archipelago, more specifically in the biggest island, Sao Miguel.

Azores Islands are located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, between Europe and Northamerica, and have a continental climate, so rainfall is a constant, which is necessary for the laurel forests to be as lush as the one in the picture. This forest surrounds the 'Lagoa do Canário' (The Canary Lagoon)

Azores 305web.jpg

All the images I publish are made by me.
DO NOT USE this image without my written permission.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.

Camera: Fuji XT-2
Lens: Fujinon 14mm f:2.8-4
Processed with Capture One

happy to see my image of massive happiness in the first place!
thank you very much !

Wonderful shots @victorbz and @xaviduran!

thank you very much !

Those faces speak for themselves, what a great capture. Cheers! !BEER

hehe you're right - i love the moment and remember it as this happened now.

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Many thanks @pardinus!

These pictures are from memory.

My last travel to Ilhabela - Jabaquara beach 🏖️

I learned after a while that jabaquara means Refugee in Tupi Guarani language.

And its indeed a great refugee. Low cellphone signal. No wifi. Very Remote spot, that you need to go to southern part of island, more than 8 km on a dirt road or by boat.

A pleasure green day, with lot of nature, 2 rivers on each side of beach, slackline, green grass, Silence, and a great spot for snorkeling and standup paddle.

We spend all day long there, bring our drinks and food and aways remember to bring back your trash.

Bellow the Beach overview from road when you are arriving there by car and the beach view.

beach overview

beach view

I could only tell that was an amazing day! Thank you for your entry!


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Thanks a lot for the mention! Happy for my work to be considered.



When I see or hear 'Green day', the first thing that comes to my mind is Recycling. Why? Let me explain...

Yes, the word green is associated with nature, but with technological and economical progress our nature suffers a lot. Many products that we use are harmful to nature. Furthermore, the production of some of the products negatively affects nature. A lot of plastic that we use every day goes to the ocean, and ocean residents eat it and then die.

I try to use less plastic by myself, and I am always interested in different projects that are aimed to save the planet, keep our planet green and friendly. And, these days I see some plastic recycling machines in Korea. Of course, not everyone uses them, and the number of such machines is much less than the amount of plastic we consume, but I think even a small effort, even a one recycled pet bottle plays a big role!

And I think it will be really awesome if there will be at least one Global Green day in the year, when everyone avoids using plastic, clean the roads from the trash, consume less water and electricity.

Wonderful interpretation of the theme, bravo! :)


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My night mooN photography


These are my entries to the theme "Green Day" - photos from my latest trip to Austria, at the Magdalensberg mountain hotel:

img_0.7350076602730999.jpg the hotel is on the top of this green hill

img_0.5821120489001813.jpg there's a huge metal statue of a bull guarding the entrance

img_0.17023088219108387.jpg the grass was green & cows were white

That beautiful day, the clouds were low & constantly changing. In any direction I looked there were green hills & valleys & high mountain peaks in the distance above the white pillows of clouds & fog.




I can think of few places greener than the Bamboo Chathedral inside the Ankasa Forest in Ghana. In the far western corner right on the border of the Ivory Coast is this rarely visited forest. These photos were taken in 2011 when I visited there. I wold love to get back and see it today, and hopefully this time get to see the elusive forest elephants.

Indeed an amazing place where green prevails! Great entry!


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