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Greetings, travelers!

Let me bring you up to speed today with the recent developments in the world of TRAVEL CONTEST :)

  1. You may have noticed already, that I got rid of that long list of mentioned/tagged accounts on the bottom. I have always believed tagging many people is sort of a spam and crying for attention. This is generally against my understanding of how the blockchain social life should go so I dropped that list, two contest editions ago. The good side is now I feel a lot better. The down side is, the contest lost some of its supporters and that in terms reduced the liquid rewards it was gathering.

  2. Due to the higher price of HIVE (I hope it keeps getting higher and higher) and the decreased influx of liquid rewards I will soon be unable to send HBI shares to all the winners & mentioned of every edition of the contest. So, while I will continue to give all incoming liquid rewards as HBI shares to some winners and mentioned, these will be extra, surprise rewards, and not regular ones, as it is currently. I strongly hope this is temporary and I could get back to my initial concept at any time given there is stronger supporter(s) of the contest.

  3. TRAVEL CONTEST supports and enjoys the LUV engagement token @luvshares by @crrdlx so I'll try to spread more <3, thanks a lot to @wesphilbin as well, for providing the biggest part of the necessary tokens to call this three times a day! Stay safe, guys!

  4. Everything else remains unchanged. There are a dozen of successfully completed contests already with several satisfied winners and mentioned and the contest is slowly but steadily growing up ;)

Thanks so much to everyone who supports the contest by participating, upvoting and reblogging! All the best!



P.S. Ooops, I incidentally put @marc-allaria as 40% beneficiary of this post. Marc, it would be nice if you send some of that back once the liquid rewards come in 7 days, please?



Hey... as I have said. Everything is a work in progress. I am just glad you decided to go ahead and give it a try. I am sure with the coming holidays, as well as the whole "Virus" issue... that has made things different... But again, all we can do is have fun, right?! I am sure the continued support will come my friend. Of course, you know I will help as I can, and @crrdlx and @luvshares aren't going anywhere!

!LUV !WINE @tipu curate

Hey! I am so grateful for your words and sincere support! You know, if it wasn't for you, I'd probably still be considering whether I should run it or not! :)

Now you keep encouraging me, so I will keep it on! :)

Have a great and sunny Sunday ;)


!giphy many thanks

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Thank you for mentioning LUV. :)



!giphy cheers

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I also doing a daily giveaway for risingstar nft gaming and have a few names on it . Even i doing good give away to the list but i feel bad on tagging them which i also consider as spam. At one time , i just screenshot the whole list in picture and only tag the winner , and it actually make me feel better .

But , i still believe tagging people is also a reminder for event like this. If you do the tagging again , i ll always allow you to tag me again in future. ;).

Have some !PIZZA

Thank you :)

I understand your point of view yet it seems most of the people do not respond to those mentions so it is a sign I read they do not like it a lot, or some laziness involved as well, who knows ;)



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Marry Christmas, @marc-allaria!

As this post is already past its payoff, could you please return the liquid dividends that you received by me accidentally and by mistake setting you as 40% beneficiary? (1.143 HBD)

All the income of @travelcontest turns into rewards for the winners of the contests so I really need them, thank you in advance and happy holidays!