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RE: Life is Great! - TRAVEL CONTEST #3 and winners from CONTEST #1

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Hello there
here is my contribution for this contest :


good luck to all the participants 👍 !!


So much joy! Indeed a picture full of life and no gadgets necessary to a full life! :) Did you give them candies? :D :P

By the way, have you checked the contest rules? No separate post is necessary and as an entry, I consider only whatever content you put as a comment here. ;) I hope that brings clarity.

!giphy happiness

so i can post more images in one post and the only one will be the contribution like i do for other contests?
possible i got wrong the rules. I'm trying to be straight with them, some contests hosts take these rules very seriously :-)

As there are lots of non-written rules about the posts on Hive, I decided the contest to be only comment-based. This gives much more freedom.

Yes, put in the comment as many photos and text as you feel are needed for the entry ;)

I take the rules seriously too, as all participants should be treated fairly and equally, right? :)

Of course, if you want, create a separate post but sometimes I may not have enough time to check it properly. Also, if you post old stuff (photos, text, etc.) in a new post this may bring you troubles, you know ;) (recycling content isn't appreciated on Hive too). I don't think this is an issue at all when using it as a comment ;) I hope you understand me better now ;)

yes, thank you very much now i got the rules.
i muted in the black and white community because I used my 3-4 years old images for the new posts again. i can't get this, it's like to say to musicians - don't sing the same song again:-))))))
but the boss is the boss as his/her/they decisions

I was wondering why, that explain it.
Another good example why I want to use comments as a base to my contest :)

good decision :-) i will use this







@victorbz, you've been given LUV from @travelcontest.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/3)

thank you!

Welcome! :)