Abandoned Art

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Greetings, travelers and fans of the street art!

I have found those graffiti while we were traveling on our photo-trip in beautiful Spain, the amazing region of Andalusia.

We stopped the car to have a short break of the curvy mountain road drive and I saw one abandoned building not so far away from the road. I guess it was like a restaurant maybe like ten years ago. It was in ruins, I doubt it would ever be restored, probably left as it is deep in the mountains, probably now a protected area. Anyway, here are the ones that impressed me so I photographed them. Especially the first one that feels like popping out from the wall.

The last one made me smile :D

Ah, I almost forgot to mention the location, it was somewhere near the Mirador de Igualeja :) I suppose all these are now gone, probably time has made its thing...





The first photo is my entry to CCC's Street Art Contest #77 by @digi-me, thank you :)

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Someone's gotta flip it and fill it in!

True :)
Cheers to that!

Always perfect spot for Street Art the abandonned building. I like the second lettering. Thanks for sharing these pics on The StreetArt Community.

Thank you :)