Graffiti, Reykjavik, Iceland, 13 colorful city street captures

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My first participation to the "CCC's Street Art Contest", for the #75 round, an interesting photo contest with focus on graffiti, as far as I see.

I know it is not an easy job to run a contest so I decided to support this one by @digi-me, THANK YOU, by participating and it's also good to see such an initiative has a good traction and many participants already!

So let me share with you today the multiple graffiti I found and photographed in Reykjavik, Iceland, during our short stay there, as a part of our Iceland round-the-island-photography-travel.

You'll see that I took photos of some of those graffiti within a certain context, I hope you feel what I meant to visually say ;)














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Have a great day, stay safe, stay strong and let your muse be always on your shoulder!


Holy wowzers! Dropping your first entry with quite a doozie! @lightcaptured

Hehehee, thanks a lot, @ninahaskin!

Such talented artists to create those brilliant works!

And great job shooting them too!

When I have more time, which doesn't happen quite often during the photo-travels, I try to capture all those graffiti I find - the most of them exist only temporary. I suppose some of those are already gone.

I love that part of Photography - it's a time machine ;)
Thank you :)

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Great selection of Street Art especially Wild Velva 👍... Great post for a first participation to the contest hosted by @digi-me.

Thanks for sharing these pics on The StreetArt Community.

Thank you for the warm welcome! :)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 89 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks for the beer and cheers :)