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RE: # 2 NFT Giveaway | Reblog + comment Wax Wallet + last week winners

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Hey guys! I finally took the time to watch the video like you asked and man! I am super stoked to a part of this community! I am a tad disappointed I missed the line drawing drop because I was out of town, but I was able to pick up the "Midnight Projects" (Two of each...) and as the first US Passport holder, I would like to suggest that perhaps an email list for the passport holders?? I mean it is hard to keep up with everything in #crypto, and I make sure to pay attention to CBM as you can easily see by my wallet hojr2.wam. Other than that, man super cool video guys! For real! No lie, and can we have the real beer and merch shipped to the US? If so that would help me tremendously in what I am trying to do here, especially now that I am home from my trip. Man, I am sad about the drop though.... Go team #CBM!!!

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Thanks for a kind words mate!
We consider making a closed group for a passport holders on the Discord to reach out faster!
That's the whole Idea we were talking about in terms of onboarding new breweries!
You can use it when you speak with them!

Oh I have two of each of those 😁 I am just sad because I missed the line art