My Acti-Camping Report Card: April 6 2022

in Actifit4 months ago

Sorry I didn't get a game out for the last two days, as I said in the quick game post on Monday, I'd gone camping and here is a picture of the wife sat in the tent to prove it!

I know one of you (cough cough @anderssinho ) is a bit excited as they have a prize to come but all will be sorted tomorrow.

Sadly there's a huge game affecting the bottom of the table tonight but far too late for me after two uncomfortable nights stuck in a tent with the wife's flailing arms and legs and 29C heat.

Right that's it. Bedtime. Step count was rubbish despite me walking around all day so I'll check what's going on tomorrow.

Best wishes and I hope everyone is well and happy :-)
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It still pretty ok because I appreciate your contribution in the blockchain anyday, anytime.

Looking forwar to it ;)
Enjoy your camping and take of the wife as well!


Why is a timer like a scale?
They both measure wait.

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@leedsunited, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @anderssinho
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