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my friend, @uwelang, posted about Ricardo Villalobos, one of the DJs that I like and one of the promoters of younger artists, especially the ones that are true to the music.

One such group of artists have brought the label a:rpia:r, that was founded by 3 DJs, Raresh, Petre Ispirescu and Rhadoo.

He tours with them and also released a track on this label.

a:rpia:r mixes different styles but with the focus on minimal. The sound has a lot of minimal influence.

I like the shows and the backdoor parties where they put music. Been to a few in the past 10 years and on most I was sad when it was over. We had a club in my old town, where we started partying at 5-6 AM till noon and these guys have been a lot in there.

From the artists, most I like Rhadoo, maybe as it has a nostalgic note, as I've heard him on a 4 long set almost 20 years ago in 2001 at an underground festival. He started playing at 2 am and did not stop till 6, when the power was cut.

In this 20 years, he became a real minimalist, as you can hear in the next set.

Enjoy listening!

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Hmmm this is cool actually. I know the music from Richard Villalobos but wasnt familiar with this label at all but it has neat stuff on there.

Do you ever use the app mixcloud for your music? Ivw been scrolling around a bit more because hubby uses it to upload his mixes to and actually it is kind sweet