#DanceWeekend - Bicep

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for todays #danceweekend, the # tag, brought by one of the biggest #music lovers on the chain, @uwelang, we will travel to Belfast, Northern Ireland, to meet the duo Bicep.

Bicep is composed by Andrew Ferguson and Matthew McBriar.

Both knew each other from early on, being childhood friends and decided to form the band in London in 2009.

I've discovered them in 2017 when I've heard Bicep for the first time, when they've released the album and the single Glue was present on it. I find it the best one, it might sound commercial, but has something from the early 2000 in it.

This year, the second album was released. It is named Isles and hit a good spot in the top, reaching place 2 in the British dance charts.

Atlas is on this album and brings a new style to them.

I like the first album better, where Vale would be my second favourite one. This is even more old school, when it is compared to Glue, bringing some nostalgia from the 90's.

They have also some good collaborations with other artists, like here with Clara La San. When we will get back to a normal life, I want definitely to attend a concert where they play.

Enjoy listening and happy dancing into the weekend!