#Danceweekend - BONDI

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for today's #danceweekend, the # tag brought to life by one of the biggest #music lovers in here, namely @uwelang, would like to go Berlin, for a EDM band called BONDI.

BONDI is made from Daniel Archut and Alexander Schug and as said, they are based in Berlin.

They are an electronic dj life act and are most time on tour, or at least have been before the pandemic.

I like their sound, as it has some feel of the 80's inside. The vocals with the synth combined, bring me back to that age, but with a definitely better sound.

I've had the chance to see them at a festival, and they are definitely better live. They appeared when they have been needed, as the sound is not exhausting, and it might be the best thing to move a little slower to reenergize.

Hopefully we can hear them soon enough on a live stage, till then, happy listening!


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Nice one. Sir @alexvan - I have sth from Berlin as well coming within the next 60 minutes :-)