By the Sea

The life by the sea has always seemed to me like something very special. Magical, I would say!

I fully agree with that local poet who wrote that "everything that is far away from the sea is countryside". Indeed. The sea has been attracting and enchanting me.

I suppose some day I will succumb to that call or temptation, I am not sure what exactly it is, to be completely honest, and I will move somewhere warmer and closer to the shores.

Or perhaps I should not do it just so I keep that pleasure of dreaming, awaiting and traveling by the sea each year? :)

Now I even realize that the most of my favorite photo travels are to destinations that are sea or ocean based.

Iceland, Norway, Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria. Even on our photo-trip to Belgium we spent a couple of days by the sea. I think this clearly speak. No need to go pay a visit to a shrink to figure out what my subconscious it trying to tell me, right? :D

So today I will just share with you a bit more than a dozen of captures from a recent photo-trip at the Southern shores of Black Sea in Bulgaria.














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Have a great day, stay safe, stay strong and let your muse be always on your shoulder!


Great shots. I would love to live near the ocean one day. Once our kids move out, we are planning on moving out to the coast. We can't wait.

I wish you do that! Everything is so different near the costs. One of my dreams/plans was to have a beach bar somewhere in Greece. Post covid, once and if that happens at all, I don't know, anymore. Still, everything is possible.

Thank you!

Great pics, really looks like an interesting place to take in.

It absolutely is! Thank you!

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