Colors of Rome

A bit of a restless night here and I'm reviewing and processing photos from our photo-travel to Rome, Italy.

It is lovely to recall all those colorful moments and places. In few days we saw and experienced a lot. We've met some colorful people too!

A true fairy-tale...










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Your pictures are great well-done
I hope to visit Rome one day

Thank you! It's a remarkable city, I wish you do that!

2nd photography are great. The view, like the watermark of a man at the base of a tree, is truly remarkable.

Thank you!

Great photos. That little snack cart is so cool!

Thank you :)
It is such a cutie, isn't it? That simpatico small ice-cream and drinks truck :)

Those colors are beautiful 🤩 @lightcaptured!

!giphy cheers

@lightcaptured fotografías,los lugares muy lindos.

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