More Icelandic magic, please!

Since yesterday, when I posted for a contest a sunset photo that I took at the lighthouse of Reykjavik, Iceland, my Lightroom has been loaded with previews of our glorious photo-travel around the magical piece of Earth, called Iceland.

Today I spent some time enjoying, looking and post-processing some of those pictures I took there and of course, I am going to tell you some things that I remember thinking and feeling along...

Let me first start with a (probably) funny photograph :D What happens when you stand next to a giant waterfall trying to make a long-exposure photograph and suddenly the winter changes its direction and spurs all the droplets into you?

Well, this happens, LOL:


I am so grateful my camera and this lens had water-protection!

And if you don't trust me that this waterfall is mighty and huge, check out the tiny figures of the people passing under it, they could be seen in the bottom, left-hand side of the image.

Now here is the proper, no-surprise long exposure of the waterfall:


Do you see here the small colorful spots at the same place... these are all amazed and stunned tourists, trust me :) The feeling to pass under this giant cannot be described.

Now see that alien that is saluting you from the top of the waterfall! Hehehe, it's a blooming plant :P


There are so many waterfall in Iceland. Probably hundreds if not thousands of them! Especially noticeable when I was driving at the Eastern part of the island.




Wait! Isn't it very dangerous to live and work at a farm like this one?


I mean, it isn't only the mountain slope behind it, its animal also look a bit scary!



Here is a photo of Road #1, the biggest road actually, that circles around the island. It is not a highway nor even double. It's such a fun to make a full circle, trust me on that! Plenty of things to see!


Frankly, I could not imagine living in a place like this!


With ever-green pastures and free horses...


Well, it took me much time to practice, but I am now able to say the name of the famous volcano, exactly like the locals do! :)))


It was sleeping at the moment we were close to it, thanks God! Here it is, under the grumpy clouds:


Did you like my visual Icelandic story? :)

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Ah, beautiful and completely different Iceland. Thank you for returning me there once more.

My pleasure, thanks and cheers!

!giphy cheers

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Haven't been in Iceland but looking at these photos makes me want to go there! Amazing photos and story 😊👌

Thank you! Magical lands indeed!

I will always agree with your title!

It's never enough for me too! Thank you!

Damn man! These photos are incredibly badass! Really awesome post!

Thanks, buddy! I am so glad I keep those memories through photography. Planning to get there back in another season, but who knows now...

I am sure your Icelandic days aren't over just yet! I am glad you captured the memories as well... and have shared them here with us.

Ah, from all my heart I hope you're right about that! :)))

!giphy cheers

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Thanks a lot! :)

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