Norwegian Winter Afternoons

When I was on the photo-travel to Northern Norway to chase the breathtaking Aurora Borealis with the remaining eight photographers and enthusiasts, our daily agenda was something like this:

  • get in the hotel at the early hours of the day - between 3 AM and 6 AM.
  • sleep
  • have a breakfast between 9 and 10 AM.
  • sleep again until 2 PM
  • have a short planning meeting and go outdoors for photos and to explore and scout the area around and pinpoint places with good foreground and less clouds for the night pictures of the Northern Lights.

So each afternoon, we've got few hours for "regular" photography, mainly landscape. Of course, I enjoyed taking some candid and posed but not planed travel portraits. Well, considering it was quite cold, don't judge the outfits :D

One of the afternoons I even experimented with few of the other photographers the in-camera double and triple exposures. No Photoshop for the first "environmental portrait"!

I had the task to document the entire event as well, but I gotta admit, being a paparazzi to my friends was fun as well :) Moreover, the Nature of the Northern Norwegian countryside is more than beautiful with the white harshness of the winter!











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Thank you! I believe this is a requirement in order to become a better photographer :)