Perspective and Details, colorful Malta in 23 travel photographs

I invite you today to have a visual walk with me in Malta!

Let's spend a couple of minutes now dipping through my travel photos into another universe, that is not virtual at all, but absolutely real. The universe of that small and beautiful island European country, that had experienced the influence of some many cultures and religions throughout the past centuries. Not Meta, but Malta :)

A country, that emits so many colors but one of them is absolutely predominant - the warm yellow color of the local limestone, used as a construction material for the most of the buildings here. Ancient and modern...

Probably the next major colors around is the blue. The blue of the crystal sea waters and the blue of the endless sky. No wonder yellow and blue is such a strong combination that affects the subconsciousness!
























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Have a great day, stay safe, stay strong and let your muse be always on your shoulder!


I wonder, if that nice chair maybe have witnessed the WW2 ?..
Awesome reportage.

That would be quite interesting to find out :)
I found it on the roof of the airbnb where we were staying. It appears the most of the residential buildings there have such roofs where people do BBQs, smoke, drink, etc. :D
Thank you!

I would love to visit this place. It is so colorful and full of really cool culture. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into Malta with us.

True, it's an awesome place to travel to, life there... so full of joy too :)
Thanks so much!

Absolutely loved Malta! So easy to get around on a Vespa and see the whole island!


Ah, then you're definitely braver than me, the first day I saw how "joyful" the driving is, I decided I won't rent any vehicle :)))
I loved those "private" pools, carved in the rocks by the shores!
Thanks for stopping by :)

Beautiful captures of Malta… the colours. I lived 1 year in Malta until august 2020. It was an interesting time. We explored both Islands, Malta and Gozo. I must say Gozo has more space and, like the locals say… it is how Malta used to be.

True! Malta island is like one single huge city, at least it feels like this. While Gozo, on the other hand show the beautiful nature, preserved at some large areas on that island ;)
Thank you :)

You are welcome @lightcaptured
Yes… best description. It is one large city, with building work going on every day. No escaping from that. Gozo is different. If my partner didn’t had to commute every day to Sliema we would have lived on Gozo. But that was not possible. We ended up the first months in Birgu and after in Rabat. Away from the busyness. Still a commute for him, but worth it. Until we moved back to Spain.

Oh, that sounds so exhausting. I am also pretty sure, that wasn't the safest part of the day too. The commute, I mean, of course.

We survived 😎
No @lightcaptured, crazy drivers.

Wonderful series of Malta and great capture of its atmosphere. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks a lot, Thijs!
Welcome on Hive and good luck here on the platform ;)

They are colors that warm the soul and the heart ...

Malta is wonderful in every way.

True :)

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Such a lovely surprise, thanks so much! :)

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Impressive shots! I really like the second one, I think it's because of the red color piece, the telephone cabin! Also my fav is the one of the tree. I really like that too! I love tree photos in general but yours is really beautiful.
P.S. I've seen some old chairs like the one in your photo! Romania has those too lol

greetings from Ro

Ah, the long exposure photo (the first two are such ones ;))
Thank you! I haven't seen such one in Romania, probably the travel was too short, only seven days! :)

Cheers :)

Ohh well, I live here so I had some time to spot one of those lol =) it's not so hard you know? haha

What places did you visit in Romania? Did you enjoy your travel, finding something interesting or something to like very much?
We have a country quite beautiful, for those who put time to find those amazing places and explore them! :d


Hehehe, true! :)

We visited so many places, I have almost 2k photographs, and that's after I deleted those I don't like ;) Mostly the Western and Southwestern parts, Sibiu, Alba Iulia and many more, I have to post more travel stories, I've put up only one so far with the place that impressed me the most, Salina Turda:

From what I saw, the different regions look and feel quite differently both from cultural and architectural perspective!

The next destination on my list there is the delta of Danube. ;)

Thanks for the reply! I was really curious to know what did you like from the places you visited in my country. Maybe you'd ask the same if I were to visit your country..:D

But yeah, I've been there, back in 2017! I loved the place very much, that salt mine is very popular. We have some more in all Romania, around 10, as far as I know. I've been already visiting four of them but Turda is the best.

Nice shots btw, in your post. You captured it very very beautifully.

I've never been to Delta before, only passing by and one more place that I wouldn't mention being really Delta. But I found some really nice hotel in Delta and I was also thinking maybe going there this year or the next. If you like, I'll send you the link to see the location I'm talking about, maybe its useful for you too.

Please do send me info, I'm more interested in the places that impressed you, once you go there.

Thank you :)

What I was trying to say is that I found this accomodation I like very much (from photos and reading reviews), so no visiting yet.

But for sure this is the place where I plan to stay when the day will come for me to visit our Delta.

I got that :) I would like to see your impressions once you visit this place ;) As you know, sometimes what we find online is slightly different from what they really offer as a service ;)

Браво,уникални са снимките.Даже не чета поста няма смисъл кадрите сами показват всичко.

Yay! 🤗
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