The Liberty of traveling with like-minded

Well, let me start with putting a note that it is not only about traveling. Generally, doing anything with people who share a similar thinking or the same passion increases the chances of success exponentially and not geometrically, in my humble opinion.

In this particular case I will give some proof of what happens when I travel with other persons, who are also passionate about photography. Of course, there are always long conversations, sometimes arguments about equipment, techniques, destinations, results, etc. (I captured that process in one of my photos below if you don't trust me on that ;)) Nevertheless, I believe no one will argue with me about the freedom this gives. What do I mean?

Let me give you one example. When I see something that catches my attention, it is absolutely fine we all stop and then I take all the necessary time I need to make all the photographs I have in my mind. Of course, in terms, I will wait whatever it takes for the other person when they see something of their interest.

On this particular photo-trip in Serbia, I was sharing my car with three other friends by then, different professions, different age groups, different level of photo-skills. As a result, I've photographed so many things that I usually don't along with learning so many things. As shared passion is definitely an eye-opener!

Now please check out my photos and let me know what you think about that.

One of the pictures will give you a vertigo! :))) I'm going to put it on the bottom, just in case :D Here I used a special slow shutter while the train was moving, for an interesting kind of panning effect. It doesn't work always, I've deleted more than 10 trial photos that I believe were not successful ;)

Serbia is indeed a very beautiful country with a lot of places, art, nature, architecture, culture and history to discover and explore!
















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Have a great day, stay safe, stay strong and let your muse be always on your shoulder!


Man, i am glad that you do take all the time you need to get the shots you do! You can really tell the quality is on a whole other level. Super amazing shots. A healthy argument is better than a fight! hahaha Great post man. Keep it up. =)

Thanks, buddy! Truth is, sometimes I gotta fight a lot to "reserve" this time slot :D
Indeed, arguments, competition - these are both great progress drivers :D
Have a great Sunday!

Happy Sunday to you too! I hate being on a walk with non photographers and having to stop and take my 'reserved' time to get the captures i want and then having to run to catch up with the walkers. hahaha I refuse to rush the shots. I went to a zoo with my buddy and i think he wanted to spend about 1 minute per animal just to walk on... and i could have easily spent 15 mins on each animal of interest. That was a busy day of rushing so i had to be a bit more selective on which animals i would take the time to shoot.
Cheers bro

Hahaha, I know that feeling :D
Cheers :)

!giphy cheers

For me to travel with other people they need to understand and be independent. I mean, I have no problem when people don't want to follow me on a particular place and decide to go elsewhere. But I have a really good friend who generally travels together that doesn't understand that.. he feels obligated to follow me when he wants to rest, then arguments emerge.

Now, the photos. Do the train work? That's awesome. Those old machines are a wonder of enginering, all the moving parts and so on. That seventh photos \o\ what a tremendous bog that fella is scavenging

Thank you, all these sounds quite familiar to me, hehe.
Yes, the train is 100% tourist attraction, it was working, last time I checked, prior the pandemic, to be honest. I think I have to write a travel story about it, quite an experience.

I can only imagine! Once I heard from the distance the whisle from one of those machines (there's one that comes here every Christmas); damn it shivered me. I guess I entered a trip thinking about how it must've been during the glorious days of locomotives (no I was not hight on anything)

As a child I traveled few times with a real steam locomotive! Later they upgraded them to diesel and in the last decade they use electrical here. The romance is gone :D

As a child I traveled few times with a real steam locomotive

Holy shit, you eighty or something? \o\

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