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RE: The Liberty of traveling with like-minded

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For me to travel with other people they need to understand and be independent. I mean, I have no problem when people don't want to follow me on a particular place and decide to go elsewhere. But I have a really good friend who generally travels together that doesn't understand that.. he feels obligated to follow me when he wants to rest, then arguments emerge.

Now, the photos. Do the train work? That's awesome. Those old machines are a wonder of enginering, all the moving parts and so on. That seventh photos \o\ what a tremendous bog that fella is scavenging


Thank you, all these sounds quite familiar to me, hehe.
Yes, the train is 100% tourist attraction, it was working, last time I checked, prior the pandemic, to be honest. I think I have to write a travel story about it, quite an experience.

I can only imagine! Once I heard from the distance the whisle from one of those machines (there's one that comes here every Christmas); damn it shivered me. I guess I entered a trip thinking about how it must've been during the glorious days of locomotives (no I was not hight on anything)

As a child I traveled few times with a real steam locomotive! Later they upgraded them to diesel and in the last decade they use electrical here. The romance is gone :D

As a child I traveled few times with a real steam locomotive

Holy shit, you eighty or something? \o\